Has anyone ever had a pin sized hole...

carrie630March 1, 2011

on their breast nipple. I felt a "pinch" and looked and on my nipple there was a tiny, tiny black "speck" - that won't go away. It's scaring me... Sound familiar to anyone? Thanks

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Do you have larger, heavy breasts? I am a 38DD and when I am not wearing a bra I can feel tugging on my nipples, but haven't had a tear or speck. I would call your GYN and do a self breast exam in the meantime. Good luck!

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No...I am only 110 pounds - breasts are normal size (at least proportionate)... It is a strange speck (pinched at first) - I will have to go to the doctor - I hate when something unusual shows up... Thanks

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You need to see one, I think you know that. Unusual things can be a warning. I had rather go to a doctor and find out it's nothing than having waited to long.

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IT WAS A SPLINTER! OMG - I can't believe it...I only had the pain for about three days and just as I was about to call the doctor - I noticed it was starting to change... it was a splinter...

Doctor called and said to keep an eye, but I am back to normal... whew!

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Oh, I am SO glad to hear that! Now, you HAVE to tell us HOW the splinter got there, Carrie! And was it worth it?


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Glad to hear that. One time my son said his nipple was sore, so I took him to the doctor and after examining him the doctor said it was just puberty. I felt kind of dumb, I didn't take chances with my kids health.

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Well, here's what I "think" happened... It actually wasn't a wood splinter, more like a little piece of possibly something from knocking against a shrub in my gardens.

The weather was so great (yes, I was wearing a shirt! LOL) and since I only had a thin, long sleeved shirt on - I may have been poked (forgetting that) and something came through the thin shirt..I am only guessing.

Of course, I shower everyday - but just never noticed it until I felt a pinch the next day.

When I looked, it appeared as mentioned "pin sized" and it was dark in color (thinking it may have been dried blood) so that's why I got scared.

It is good, though, I think to be extra concerned than to just blow off things thinking everything is okay... So, vala - you were right in taking him to the doctor... better safe than sorry....


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