website - for downloading instruction manuals?

roseyp8255July 5, 2006

Anyone know of one?

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If you don't want to pay for it, then I would go to the site of the manufacturer of that product. If that doesn't work, I would try the Web sites of large on-line vendors who sell that product or possibly special-interest Web sites devoted to products by that manufacturer. Either may contain links to sites at which manuals can be downloaded.

If you are willing to pay for it (or don't find it for free), you can type "instruction manuals" into your favorite Web search engine or look on eBay.

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Thanks Steve - already tried the manufacturer angle - not on the web sites - i think these were older models that are no longer manufactured.

I tried several angles - but haven't found them yet. I may try to type in the model number stuff and "download" and see what i can find. I may have to contact the actual manufacturers.

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Which manuals are you looking for? Maybe someone here has a PDF copy they could give you.

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Excellent idea Steve - thanks! I am looking for manuals on the following:

RCA AV Receiver
280W 7 Channel Dolby Pro.Logic Surround System

TEAC W-750R Double Cassette Deck

Niles HDL-4 High Definition Speaker Selection System

If anyone has them in PDF format - or suggestions where i can get them for a reasonable price, please let me know!


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