help with picture show

GoofyYnoJuly 24, 2012


I computer would like to put up 2 screens in 2 different rooms to show a picture slide show. I'd like the screens to be >27'. I'm not sure if the most economical way to do this is via computer- either with wireless connection to 2 monitors, or to buy tv with usb ports and attach a flash drive,

any help would be appreciated.

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Without knowing anything about your computer or your TV's, it's hard to say specifically what to do.

Basically, you want to stream video (and maybe audio) to two different rooms. So, whatever video output is on your computer (VGA or HDMI) needs to be split then extended. Depending on which way you want to go, google "vga splitter" or "hdmi splitter" then "vga extension cable" or "hdmi extension cable."

The world is at your fingertips!!

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thanks TJ, I didn't have anything. I ended up buy 2 TVs and put flash drives in them.

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