Pain in my thumb!!!!!!!!!!!

ruthannMarch 24, 2005

Hi, My thumb has started hurting within the past 3 weeks. The joint kind of 'cracks', like it is bone on bone. It is very stiff and sore in the morning, but I try to ignore it, and after a couple hours it is ok. But the pain is getting more severe every day. Arthritis?? Should I see the Dr., or let it go til I have something else to see him about? (I don't like to go for only one thing) Thank you, Ruth Ann

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I had a similar thing happen to my thumb a few years back. Finally it got so painful that I had to see the Dr. It seemed to be kind of floppy...meaning it really would go out to the side.
Discovered that the tendons and ligaments were almost totally gone. I had two surgeries to repair it. They stretched the tendons and ligaments and drilled into the bone and attached them. Six weeks in a cast and another 6 weeks in a brace and it was fixed.
It was so painful until they fixed it.
You probably should get it looked at.

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Just letting you know, I saw my Dr and had xrays. It is severe arthritis. He prescribed Naprosyn and it really helps a lot. No more pain. I also have an apt. with an orthopedic Dr. RAA

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