kwhoughtonJuly 11, 2008

I have a TV with four HDMI connections. I know that I want to run HDMI from my cable box to the TV and I want to run HDMI from my DVD the TV and perhaps something else. I need to run inside the wall and was wondering if I should just use one HDMI cable and put in a switch box or should I run a cable to the TV for each device? Along with one or two for possible expansion?

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My suggestion is an auto-switchbox (takes several sources and outputs one cable to the TV). The box automatically switches the feed when the source is turned on. The idea behind this is that you don't have to use the TV remote to switch input sources...something that can be difficult for any non-techies in your household. With the auto-switcher, all they have to do is make sure the source they are using (cable box, dvd, game console) is the only device that's powered up and the TV will work with it without further fiddling...

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