short term memoriy loss

plt831March 26, 2008

I have had more short term memory loss since I had major surgery in 2006. I was told there was a specific name for this type of post anesthesia memory loss, but of course, I don't remember what the actual "dysfunction" is called.

Can anyone help me with the name of this? I have tried searching for it on the web, and webmd, but have not found the name given this particular memory loss problem.

I appreciate any help with the name of this dysfunction.


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I just did a quick search. Not really getting deep into it. Is it ' Anterograde amnesia '?

(WOW, reading part of that in the " ", I find that benzodiazapines can cause this 'disease' also. Just even more stuff my doc never told me...more research I need to do)

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I've tried to improve my memory and energy levels with KanekaQ10 from Boots, but it's not done anything - yet. Anyone else tried it?

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