complications after wart removal/ tips please

Seamer1March 15, 2006

I had wart on my thumb,which my Dr. froze of. (planters wart) I decided to try otc wart removal since there are products available otc that also freeze the warts off. I think I "over" froze the area. I have a hard calloused area where the wart used to be, which gets very dry, and sore, and actually peels off. Several layers come off when this happens. The skin grows back, same process repeats. It gets hard, and dry sometimes it gets sore, then it gets ruff and I pick at it til it peels off. This has been going on for well over a year. went to a dermatologist, who thought it was a wart. He cut off the dry callous skin, and used those magnifying lenses, and said there was no wart, but perscribed Halobetasol Propionate, to be applied twice a day. I have been doing this for 4 weeks. No difference in the look and touch of the area, but it is now sore. Otherwise no help. Any opinions about this unusual problem? And what course of action should I now take. TIA

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Sounds like a cyst of some type, though treatment often involves cryogenics. You are basically frostbitten when treating the warts this way. I would stop picking at it, go back to your doctor or another if you don't like him/her.

I have to wait almost 1.5 hours, on average, to see an exceptional dermatologist. Believe me, I tried others because of the long wait. Tried another dermatologist recently whom I made 4 appointments for same wart in my thumb. He froze w/spray each time, except the 4th time I called back and canceled - he knew his skin ailment terminology and names, but he wasn't about to get the job done. Went back to the other dermatologist mentioned above, 1 trip, q-tip application, and the wart (I had this almost a decade) is gone.

This is one type of doctor, if you know a good one, don't let any less important considerations hold you back.

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I had the mondo wart from hell on my thumb about 10 years ago, freezing, cauterizing, even excizing finally got it to go away but I still have a thick callosed erea where it was, probably scar tissue, not much you can do about it.

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I don't know what to do about the scar tissue either, but here is a wart remedy that worked has worked for me twice

Soak the area to soften and then GENTLY "scrape" the wart
Apply some glycerin to the wart
Apply some white vinegar to the pad of a bandaid
Secure bandaid over wart

The wart should be gone within a week with no scar tissue.

I am told that glycerin can be purchased in liquid form, but I always just used shavings from glycerin soap (Neutrogena). This worked for my son after numerous unsuccessful attempts by the doctor to remove it. It worked for me as well. I never even had a doctor look at mine, I went straight for the glyerin/vinegar.

Hopefully you won't get another one, but if you do, try this first.

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That likely works for shallow, surface type warts. If a wart has any depth on it, it will regenerate faster than the scraping and chemical addition described can destroy the wart.

I do have a little scar from mine which is a fair trade over the irritation, unsightliness and pain when hitting it just the right way over 10 years time.

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