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AfcolbrieJuly 2, 2013

We are in the process of setting up a media room in our new house.

We're beginners to media equipment and after much research we have pretty much decided to go with a Benq w1070 projector and the Elite sable frame screen 110" ER110WH1. We already have in-wall speakers and a Sony receiver.

Question is this: The room is 20 feet long and 13 1/3 feet wide. The wall where the screen goes has a slant at the top so from bottom of the wall to the top (where slant starts) is 94" (the ceiling is taller). Distance from where the projector will be mounted to the screen will be 15 feet. Also, any suggestions as to how far below the ceiling the projector should be mounted and how high from the floor should the screen be mounted?

Do you see any issues with the screen size and measurements? We were also considering the 100" screen but would prefer the bigger screen if we can make it work.


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Our media room is approx. 11'6" by 18' long, the wall the screen it's on is more then the 11'6".
We have a 100" diagonal screen, I think it's a bit too large for the room (if memory serves, it's 8' 6" across the bottom); so I wouldn't stress getting a larger screen.

Our seating is stepped, we have 2 rows of 2 seats each, so the screen height will depend on the height of your seating, and whether or not the seats recline.


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