Concerning my deceased husband

dianajuneJuly 2, 2009

2 and a half years ago, my husband passed away.I have to do

this. I am gonna do this a little at a time. he was 62yrs old

this is gonna be a long one.I realize not good things can

happen in any hospital.and with doctors. my husband was in the v.a. hospital with pneumonia.they told me he'll be coming

home with a bipa machine for his breathing till he gets better.the day we were leaving the v.a. the nurse said;no bipa machine,they told me I would have to bring him back for

sleep study to get the bipa for his breathing. before his app

appointment he died. cause was respiratory insufficiency.

less than a month coming home from v.a. I woke up 1a.m. to

check my husband.I told him lay on your side not your stomach. there was no response. I jumped off bed and turned

him over his eyes were open.I yelled at him to wake up,I started cpr yelled for my son to call911 I lifted him to

to floor and continued cpr then my son helped.when they came

they told to go out of room,then they came out and said sorry your husband is gone. now I am gonna be typing 20 some yrs. of notes I have writing concerning my husband.

my husband was a marine he was send to cambodia. he became

a marine with normal eyes,was not deaf in his left ear,and

he had his teeth. I got my husband to back to the v.a. hospital over 20 yrs. ago he kept saying he always felt like

he had something in eye. this was when we where first together. they found a hangernade fragment going threw the

back of his eye.the v. a. took his eye out ,took the fragment out and said to my husband you get a purple heart

my husband don't want it, can it pay my bills's ? of course

not. the v.a. showed my husband the fragment,they did not

put in his records they took out a hangernade fragment out

of the back of his eye, they put in his something else.

at that time my husband had 20% disability not enought for

transportation back and forth to v.a. for apppointments.

I had to work nights and days at a diner. all of a sudden

i get a phone call from the v.a. telling me they are gonna

pick my husband for his appointments.not a v.a. van,a man

came to our door dressed in a black suit, tie , and cap and

a stretch limousine for his appointment at the v.a. and he

told my husband he can go any where for lunch,and he said

there was a bar in the husband did't care about

that, he wasn't filling well.I tried to get answers about the limousine, I failed.that eye they took the fragment out

was never right.never got any % for that. that 20% was for

scar where my husband was shot below nose sinus area and blew his front top teeth out,and for a permanent broken left

wrist, that the military never set right. when first started

taking my husband back to v.a. it opened up a can of worms.

first they could not fine his records. over 20 yrs. ago when

I started taking notes about all this, my husband asked me

whey are you taking notes, I said it's for you. He said he

can get in trouble cause he had to sign a paper,to say nothing about cambodia. My husband's records say something

different. I kelp taking notes. I have to take a break now

this is just the beginning of this story.I'll be back.

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I'm back please excuse some of my spelling. I have not been
on the computer for a couple of years. My son is helping
with the basics. Now to get back to my notes. when I took
my husband to v.a. nose,ear and throat doctor. doctor checked
his death ear, doctor asked him was he around any loud noises.
It was not a silence war. HIS EAR WAS ALL scar tissue,they
gave him hearing aids, It didn't work at all for his death
ear. and my husband's cartilage in his nose was disconnected
years later,they took his cartilage out, and put it back in
to reconnect it.when it was time to take him home the nurse
pulled the packing out. I came home from work around 1am
went and checked on my husband, he was laying in a pool
of blood.I called 911,they could not stop blood,coming out
of his nose and throat,they got him to hospital. they had to
repack his nose.he was very weak. Now when came to his front
blown out teeth,my husband told me back then there was a
argument whether it was dental or medical problem. He was
emotionally discussed. My husband said he went to a outside
dentist. got part upper top plate. then he told me his nose
was bleeding,he went back to v.a. they found there were
fragments from the Bullet in sinus area,they took them out.
When he starter getting a toothache. the v.a. told me,my
husband didn't have enough % to see dentist there, only if
he was already in hospital. a week later he was in hospital.
I rolled him down to dental, they took xrays, the dentist
told me to bring him back and will pull out his bad teeth.
so I did. when I brought my husband back to dental, there
was a different dentist,he took out teeth, found out he took
out the wrong teeth,he made a mistake,so now he pulled the
rest of his teeth.they had to make upper and lower dentures!
The dentist looked at the xray before he pulled my husband's
teeth and though the x's on teeth were suppose to stay.
none of this mistakes was put in his records. now he has
100% dental with no teeth. got to take a break.

work at all for his death ear.and his cartilage was disconnected in his nose.years later
the v.a. did take it out and put it back and reconnected it.

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I'm back. even if no one reads all this, with a lot of mistakes,I'm still going to do this. I watched my husband
suffer with pain and depression for over 20 years. He also
had post dramatic stress. My husband could not drive cause
he wonder from one side to other side of lane, it scared me.
He use to say to I'll drive, I said no thats all o.k. I'll drive. because of his eyes. I'll be back. I'm back. my husband worked in between operations and appointments.I remember the chief of staff asked asked my husband how did you with stand the pain all this time when you tried to work? My husband said I drank some beers to cover up the pain,after work. Before I get back to my notes. I was my
husbands third wife. He found out fast I was different.I
wasn't with him for what he can give me. He said to me I
wasn't put on this earth to be happy. I was put here to
try take care of things.the more I did they kept coming
back. My husband started telling me things he did't tell
anyone else. no matter what my husband said I am a marine.
taking a break now I'll be back.

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I read your post and all of the follow ups too. You are not alone out here.
My Daddy was a marine. Its true that once a marine, always a marine!
My dad also went through many trials with the VA here in NC. He had to travel to Durham to get medical, mental and dental treatments. For years he was in and out of VA hospitals for his post tramatic stress disorder. His % of disability? 10% for over 20 years and he fought it! He finally won. Was granted 100% with back pay and interest!
Dont give up. Contact me if I can be of any help to you as you try to recover his disability payments. Vicki

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