Plasma w/o incorporated speakers?? Does it exist?

too_pickyJuly 30, 2007

I need help finding the right plasma TV for our new build. Of course, DH wants the biggest screen possible, but the way our space is the TV will be mounted above the fireplace (probably on a tilt). This limits the total width of the TV to 50" to fit our space. Most of the sets we have looked at have side speakers that eat up anywhere from 7" to 14" of total width. We don't plan on using the TV speakers at all, but will run a 7 channel in-wall system. Does anyone know of a HDTV plasma 1080p screen that can help us maximize the 50" width without sacrificing screen size for speakers we'll never use?

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You need to look for a professional line of plasma, or possibly a higher end unit with removeable speakers. they are typically classified as monitors instead of TVs and alot of them use BNC connectors instead of regular composite/RCA.

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As stated above you are looking for a PRO model. Get ready to spend some real $$. Pioneer Elite is the big dog of Plasmas and is available without speakers as a monitor. I believe the 50" is around $ 8,000.00.

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Not really that much expensive...see that Panasonic model at Costco that is 50" for $1500.

Here is a link that might be useful: Costco 50 Panasonic

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make sure you get HDMI input. you will be severely limited with analog only inputs.
nice 720p monitor, but no inputs.


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