Please help with speaker locations.

cat_herderJuly 16, 2006

We're building a house (as many of you know from my sob stories and questions in the other forums) and I'm trying to locate the rear speakers of my home theater system (DD5.1), to run the wire through the walls b4 sheetrock goes up. The room is a rectangle - 22' (E-W) x 20'(N-S). The ent. center will be in the NE corner, facing SW. I have a 36" tv, but will be getting a 51-61" Sumsung in the not-too-distant future. I need to locate the rear spkrs. Using the 90-110 degree rule, and the 2:1 seat-screensize distance ratios, I locate the rear spkrs right smack in the NW and SE corners. Everything I've read says not to put the rears in corners. The only alternative (because of big windows) is to have them moved toward the SW corner 6 feet. (eg. slide the right-rear 6' to the west, and slide the left-rear 6' to the south.) So, the question is, do I put them at 105-110 degrees but in the corners, or at about 130-135 degrees, on a wall?

(a quick answer to a question someone will ask - there is no way I'll ever move the seating back far enough for the 130 degree location to fall within 90-110. I'd have to be all the way across the room, in a walking area. Even after I upgrade screen size, it won't be near 110 degrees.)

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First....I would recommend a 6.1 system setup. Much better...with a 3rd speaker in the rear.

This is not a scientific answer...but the answer I believe is "it depends". It depends on the type of speakers you have and how it radiates. It could work by having it in the corner...

I also would think that you could change settings on your receiver to compensate for any issues you might have. Find a great receiver and you should be set.

Also...I would think that the placement of the rear speakers are not as critical as the front mains or center channel. That is where you would distinctly hear much differences. Rears are more ambient in most scenes.

Hope that helps.

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Don't worry, not that critical. Include a little flexablity in your speaker mounts and use Dipoles for the Rear/Sides - ambience is what's happening here, not pinpoint localization.

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