cable amplifier?

behaviorkeltonJuly 10, 2006

I bought a new house (older home), and it seems that I will need to split the main TV cable in four different directions... so I'll get a splitter.

Looking at the splitter instructions, it suggest getting a signal amplifier (gain amplifier?).

The questions:

*So do these things actually improve the signal?

*Do they do it without some sort of penalty in terms of picture quality?

*Can I still use the same "amplified" cable for my cable internet connection?

*Do I really need this amplification? How can I tell if I need it?

Thanks for any help. I also recently bought a plasma TV and would want to ensure an optimum picture.


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We got one because of poor picture quality from our cable. It seems to help. We switched from cable internet to DSL because the cable internet was unreliable (DSL wasn't available when we first moved into this house, now it is). The amplifier is before the splitter, so it was fine for the internet connection.

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Motorola makes a broadband signal booster amplifier (PN 484095-001-00) for this application. Search around on the web for best price. It is probably best to take your internet cable connection prior to the booster since the internet connection requires bidirectional communication. There is a good description of these issues in the attached link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Structured wiring

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