Whole house audio how to set up?

sandlllJuly 24, 2010

We don't need anything fancy, would like to have ceiling speakers put in now while the walls are all open. We aren't big music lovers, but would like to have background music when entertaining and if a game is on, be able to listen to it outside.. Can we do it so that the speakers upstairs can be playing something different than downstairs? Also, how does the tv play into it? We will probably have 3 tv areas in the house. Do we just pick one to be able to listen to thru the speakers? I am really confused and need to buy speakers asap. (Thinking of using Cambridge Soundworks)

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Basically what you want to do is run in-wall rated speaker wiring from each pair of speakers, in each area, in what is known as a home-run configuration to where you main entertainment equipment resides, including your main TV.

If everything comes in to that point then later you can decide upon receivers (such as multi-zone), speaker selector switch, etc.

In each room you may wish to install in-wall speaker level controls so that they can be controlled individually in each room.

As far as speakers, most decent quality ones are going to be fine but the variable is your ceiling... sometimes insulation needs to added over the speakers and sometimes reduced - sometimes extra screws need to be added to the sheet rock, etc. Also in two story homes you got to remember one room's ceiling is another room's floor!

Good luck.

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