Tinnittus and Lipoflavonoid

donnas_gwMarch 31, 2008

Has anyone with tinnittus (ringing in the ears) tried Lipoflavonoid? Does it really work? I have a profound to severe hearing loss in both ears and have to wear hearing aids. I believe that the noises that these aids pick up daily are what is causing my tinnittus. Some days the tinnittus is so bad that it drowns out everything else. I'm hoping someone on this board has tried it and can give me some information. Thanks!

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I have heard that it's worth trying.
Lipoflavonoids are just combinations of b vitamines and bio flavoniods of the C variety.
Can't do any harm....why not try it?
Linda C

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I don't know anything about Lipoflavonoid. I can only imagine how nasty that tinnittus can be! (My s/o always has talk radio or TV on 24/7 - even tho he doesn't pay any attention to it, and I have to lock myself in bedroom many times to get away from the 'noise'.)

But this must be horrible, as you can't just 'walk away' from it!

I was wondering, are you taking any meds? ANY anti-inflamatories? (even 'over-the-counter' kinds?) I recently found that Ibuprofen and those type meds can cause tinnittus (amongst other unsavory ill effects).

I wish you luck and peace.

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cathie54, I am hearing-impaired and I have to wear hearing aids. I think the noises that these aids expose me to daily causes the tinnittus. I try and keep them at a comfortable volume, but if I have them too low, I can't hear what someone is saying to me, but then I mostly never understand what is being said. I have sensorineural (sp) hearing loss. When someone is talking, it's like I'm listening to someone speaking a foreign language. I'm not sure who you mean by s/o (I'm not that up to date on these computer definitions). Sooner or later he/she is going to have the same hearing loss that I have!!! I know because I used to listen to rock/pop music very loud when I was a teenager. Now I'm paying for it, and there is nothing that can be done unless I decide on having a cochlear implant. From what I hear that is no more "normal" hearing than what hearing aids have to offer. So please, warn this person you are talking of about the dangers of loud noises and what it is going to do to their hearing.

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I'm sorry for the frustrations this is causing you! I cannot even begin to imagine.

s/o = "Significant Other". That means he and I have been together but never married, but committed to each other...OK, it's a long story! LOL! Sometimes I refer to him as 'hubby', sometimes as friend, sometimes as 's/o' - depends on how I feel at the moment! LOL!

I remember (yesterday back in 60's-70's) blasting the stereo & parents 'threatening' us of damaging our hearing. Of course, we didn't listen...they were 'OLD'/didn't know nothing! haha...

My s/o doesn't blast tv or radio...in fact, opposite. He just has something on, as what I call 'background noise'. Just enough to make one go crazy, but not loud enough to hear what the heck they are saying if something important or noteworthy.

I HAVE been 'accused'- (YES, actually accused) - of having bad hearing also. (Maybe those 'old people/parents were right!) Now I don't know, but when one is mumbling a response while walking away with his back turned...

I have actually put an end to the accusations - stating that maybe, perhaps, just might be FACT I really DO have a hearing problem, and that next time I schedule appt for all the 'routine', I will include a proper hearing test...and if I pass with flying colors, then it really IS 'THEM', if not, well so be it - it would be confirmed, and no more 'accusations' needed.

I don't know anything about any terminology for hearing impaired. I DO know that I can't understand the point of having a tv or radio on as 'such low volume' that I have to actually 'strain' to hear it! (If/when I ask what they said, MOST times no-one else can tell me either! Either they aren't watching or they don't hear either - but won't admit it!)

Anyway, the question is still about Tinnittus and Lipoflavonoid!

I haven't done any research on Lipoflavonoid, but "LindaC" might have.
You haven't said if you are taking any anti-inflammatory drugs, for one. (even over-the-counter kinds). Nor have you stated any other drugs/RX's you may be on.
There are many things can cause tinnitus. I would start by checking out ANY meds you may be taking - even OTC (over-the-counter) such as advil, for example.

My hubby thot it was the multi-vitamins caused tinnitus - after research, found it was (RX) Ibuprofen.

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cathy54, I only needed to know what S/O stood for...LOL. At first I thought "son", but didn't know what the "O" would stand for. Your s/o sounds like my in-laws...they have to have their tv on as if there will be no tv tomorrow!! Even when they have guests, and when I'm there. They know I can't hear well!!

I am on medications for seizures and have been for many years. Yep, I do have some medical problems!! Of course my neurologist isn't going to tell me if these medications are causing my tinnittus. You know doctors and pharmaceutical companies go hand in hand....they help each other. I'm (we're)only the guinea pig(s)!! I'd better stop ranting now or I will really get mad LOL.

Some days my tinnittus is just barely noticable, and other days it's as bad as if I'm standing beside some piece of loud machinery. My audiologist said that salt and caffeine can cause tinnittus. I try and stay away from caffeine. I buy decaffeinated tea and soda, drinking ALOT more tea than soda, so I'm probably getting some caffeine anyway from that. I don't use much salt when I cook, but how do you stay away from it completely? It doesn't matter if you use fresh or canned veggies, you still have to season them to give them flavor.

I take very little of any kind of pain medication, but when I do, it's Ibuprophen. I also take 2 calcium 600+D+minerals each day. The medicine I take for my seizures is not so kind to my bones, so I have to take calcium pills to make up for the damage those medications are doing! Have been taking those now for several years.

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Lipo-Flavonoid is a nutritional supplement created by an ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT) that contains a special blend of vitamins that promote ear health and microcirculation in the inner ear. It was specially developed to relieve the symptoms of Meniere's syndrome which include ringing in the ears, dizziness and loss of hearing. ENT's have been recommending Lipo-Flavonoid for treating tinnitus symptoms since the 60's and many report 7 out of 10 patients show an improvement with tinnitus symptoms after taking it as directed. As any sufferer knows, any improvement is good, however, not all tinnitus patients will have an improvement. Lipo-Flavonoid is available in drug stores nationwide and online at www.lipoflavonoid.com.
Visit www.lipoflavonoid.com for more information about the product and for tips on how to ease the intensity of your tinnitus.

Best of luck!
The Lipo-Flavonoid Team

Here is a link that might be useful: Lipo-Flavonoid

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I have had no luck with doctors so far. Have gone in circles for years. This is how it went with the last specialist I got sent to, about a year ago. Ear,Nose,Throat that is. "Do you think that Lipoflavanoid does anything to help?". Him, before I could even finish my sentence, "No."

"Can you recommend anything to try to do?". him, "no.". That's it. Good visit.

So, my thoughts are, even though I have tried Lipoflavonoid a few times, but honestly not long enough, knowing it is good for inner ear healing, why not give it a good long try, along with anything we can get for advice on here, about things that help? Seems to me, we try harder to find solutions than any specialist I've ever gone to, and if they are not checking this out any further for us, why should we pay to see them, and what makes them the ultimate authorities?

I have heard there are now Tinnitus clinics, but not checked into insurance. I am guessing thy deal with frequencies, to see if that helps. Hearing aids producing masking frequencies, sounds feasible! But sounds like we may have to pay put of pocket. I plan to try listening to music, to mask it out, when needed, using an ear phones, and sometimes maybe not. I mean, not having to be loud.

There is also an pp on my I Pad called, "simply noise.". I'm thinking there are
More out there like it. It lets you experiment with hearing different frequencies, to see what helps. That is "Apple" , of course, but I'll bet there
Are others. So why are our doctors not looking into these things?

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Wow...I forgot about this posting LOL. I never did try the Lipoflavanoid. Truthoutthere, you're never,ever going to find luck with those ear-nose-thoat specialists. They could care less (like all doctors)....all they want is to get you in and out as quick as they can so they can bring in the next patient. Wouldn't surprise me if these specialists had doctors/scientists come up with this fake vitamin (Lipoflavanoid) for ringing in the ear just so they wouldn't have to put up with our questions!! Money is much more important to them than our health.

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