Brazilian Teak Pre-finished - BR-111 vs. BellaWood

NYmomof2July 15, 2011

I am looking to purchase BR-111's Brazilian Teak, but I was told that Bellawood is actually better quality and happens to be cheaper. I will be purchasing over 1500 sq. ft. and need some advice.

Is anyone familiar with these two brands and can tell me the difference. I know BR-111 is now called Indusparquet, but I want to know a little bit about quality difference since I based most of my other selections for the house on the hardwood sample from BR-111. Thanks!

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BR-111 is not called Indusparquet. That is absolutely incorrect. There have been major bulletins that went out from BR111 explaining that. Now, there are horror stories about bellawood. look online. If I remember correctly will give you a hint. Br-111 is an excellent product. We have sold probably 20 jobs of it over the years without ever a complaint other than some lengthy backorders on mistachio pecan. Never a quality complaint...ever...Good Luck

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Brazilian teak (cumaru) is a very unstable wood. If you are buying a solid wider width be prepared for odd gaping to appear between the boards.
BR111 has a very high standard of production but they do make some paper thin veneered products that I personally would not sell to my customers. That type of flooring would be considered a floor covering (temporary)and not a permanent floor.

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The store where I am in the process of purchasing my wood floors told me they were discontinuing BR111 due to the number of claims they have had. I've purchased many boxes of solid Bellawood flooring to get an idea of the look I wanted in my house. The product seems pretty nice-other than short pieces. The reason I didn't go with the Bella was due to concrete in parts of my house requiring me to install engineered. Hope this helps....

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I love Cumaru, but was turned away by all the talk about expansion/contraction.

That said, BR-111 has always had a good reputation here. I bought 600 sq ft of their budget priced engineered Timborana. I love it and I didn't have any waste during installation other than the odd shorts after my trimming.

I plan on buying more BR-111 for my master bedroom, unless you know something has happened to the company.

I was disappointed to find that they discontinued (it seems) the Timborana. So, I did some searching online for Timborana and found a product being sold my Armstrong. Well, if you ask me, it's the same exact product as BR-111, and it looks like maybe their exotics are the same products as BR-111.

At any rate. My flooring is super budget and I installed it using the floating method gluing the boards to one another. Over the year I have not even seen any expansion or contraction. I know this because I haven't install the baseboards yet. DOH!

Here is a link that might be useful: Timborana at Armstrong

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WOW thanks for everyone's input.

FLOORTECH - Thanks for making it clear about the bulletin...I ended up calling BR-111 directly and they verified what you said so I truly appreciate you letting me know that!

I have another question...I just called a local vendor and they do not sell BR-111, but they are quoting me Brazilian Teak and stated that BR-111 and other companies that sell Exotic hardwoods are all just for marketing as they do not manufacturer the product themselves. They simply just put their names on them. He said that if you purchase Brazilian Teak from Brazil, it's the same exact product no matter what company sells them. After asking him what company he is quoting me (as it's cheaper in price)...he said it's not a company cause they simply purchase directly from the factory. It sounds kind of sketchy so I just wanted to get your input on that. Thanks!

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Please read the BBB review of BR-111, not a good reputation at all. Compare it to any other company or flooring manufacturer. You will find that the reviews speak for themselves. Do the research before purchasing flooring as it is a large investment to make.

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BR-111 used to be a reputable company and Triangulo and Indusparquet manufactured their hardwood flooring for them. The products were then called BR-111 Triangulo and BR-111 Indusparquet. Then there was a lawsuit since BR-111 was accused of not paying its suppliers. Then the suppliers branched off to sell directly to the stores that sell retail and BR-111 changed its name to BR-111 direct. I bought two T-Moldings from BR-111 direct to go with my BR-111 Triangulo floor I installed in 2009. THe molding I bought at the end of 2011 to separate the new tile from the hardwoods came so damaged. They sent me new ones of a wrong species and damaged. I never got my money back since my little dog died and then my tax season started. I did some research and learned all about the new company that is not getting its products from the two companies that supplied the quality wood. So buyer beware of BR-111 Direct or at least know they are not supplying the wood from the two companies that used to get the wood for and have a new name now. So it is up to you if you want to buy from them but there is a lot of complants.

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