Can I hook up Ipod, laptop, and XM radio to one stereo system?

slc2053July 3, 2008

We have a large area (pole barn 30x50) that we want to listen to music in. We have music on an IPOD, a laptop, and we want to listen to XM radio...we want them all connected to one system....we don't want to DJ, but it seems that type of system/equipment will handle this but we're hoping to go with a more standard system. At one point we don't want to move all our music from the laptop to the ipod so we really want to be able to hook up all three to one system..I see some systems are "IPOD ready" but what about XM ready and able to handle the music on our laptop? Someone at circuit city said that we can hook up the XM radio to a standard system, but that we'd only hear it out of 2 of the 5 speakers but that there "is probably a way to hear it out of all the speakers" but he hasn't figured it out yet???

Anyway, can anyone advise on what options we have?


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The short answer is yes you can. Look for a stereo a/v receiver. You will want a seperate system so that you have enough connections. Recommend looking at Harmon Kardon for around $500 you can buy a decent one. Harmon Kardon sells an IPOD dock that will integrate with the receiver and in some cases allow viewing of music on a connected video monitor/tv. All laptops can be connected via the line out/headphone jack using a mini to RCA connector. In addition you can also buy a USB device to allow digital connection via optical cable to the receiver. Depending on your XM radio you will likely need to get a dock, most all of the portable radios have a home dock option that will easily allow connection to the receiver. Most XM radio channels are broadcast in 2 -channel meaning you only get left/right sound, that being said all modern receivers will have a built in sound setting to give a simulated surround sound effect coming out of 5 to 7 speakers.

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