Simple system for empty nester house

maroqwJuly 3, 2008

We are remodeling from the studs up and want to watch tv in one room, and watch tv and listen to music in the great room. We dont want to control anything else from a central point. Even though we live in Seattle, a fairly tech savvy locale, none of our friends are really sure they can turn on their TV or music systems if anyone else touches it, and dont even mention security, lights, HVAC, etc. Must be our age, so our mantra is Keep It Simple Stupid.

So,I think I will run conduit in the walls for future buyers, but what is the best approach/equipment for me, given my limitations and requirements?


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time for this to bump down

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Go ahead and run 3/4" ENT ("smurf tube")to 2 locations in each room. Leave the other end accessible in the basement, attic, in a closet, etc. Then go ahead with your remodel. Install your cables later.

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