Terminating HDMI at wall plates

cfvhJuly 25, 2013

Hello everyone,

We're approaching the finish stage of a long interior reconstruction for an old house. One thing we did while we had open walls was to add 2" diameter pipe to and from multiple low-voltage boxes throughout the home, linking several of them directly to a large data closet.

One thing we are adding are HDMI ports in a few of the rooms. We will be using QuickPort Decora Inserts (up to six ports per yoke) and the HDMI ports we've seen have are female on both sides, meaning a cable plugs into the back inside the wall box.

Are we only going to be able to use manufactured cords in certain lengths to connect these plates, with certain excess in some instances, or is there a standard for field termination of cables (and what cables to use?). Thank you :)

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There will be signal degradation to contend with for hdmi cables > 15'. A signal booster might be necessary.

Consequently, manufactured cables seem to be the primary option for HDMI.

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