Losing blood - where is it going???

ruthannMarch 5, 2005

Hi, My husband was in a car accident 3 years ago, and has had many problems since then. This week he was very white and very weak, Dr had blood work done, then called and had him sent to the emergency room for transfusion. Blood count was 7.5. He was in 4 days, had 4 units of blood and came home. He is even weaker now and has severely upset stomach. He takes Protonix regularly and Reglan when needed. I also bought Emetrol at drugstore cause he wanted "something". Any ideas whats going on? The Emetrol works, gets rid of the pain.

He is going to a blood Dr (Don't know what they are called yet) in a week and a half.

Is there a medical site I can go to and ask questions like this?

Thanks, Ruth Ann

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I imagine that with all the problems that he has had with his hip that he has taken a lot of pain killers. Some of them can cause internal bleeding in the stomach and intestines. Some even interact with others to make things even worse. I can tell you about Motrin and asprin together. I ended up in the hospital from mixing those two. Anemia can have many causes. Be sure that the doctor know exactly what types of medicine, including the OTC stuff, that he has taken.

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RuthAnn -
If he has an ulcer, or intestinal bleeding, or esophageal bleeding, the blood goes out with the feces. Make sure they do an "occult blood" test on his feces.

Protonix can cause dyspepsia (upset stomach) and gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach and intestines). Reglan can also cause nausea.

Has he seen someone who specializes in gastrointestinal problems?

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You didn't mention in the original post if your husband was anemic due to bleeding, not making red blood cells, or immune-mediated hemolytic anemia. These are 3 hugely different categories of problems. I'd be concerned about him feeling worse after a transfusion. He should be feeling better unless something else is wrong. I'd call the original Dr and tell him what has been going on since he came home. I'd ask him what the situation is- losing blood or not making blood or immune system going haywire and destroying blood. I'd ask him if any of the medications he's taking can cause problems. I know that Reglan should absolutely not be used if there is GI bleeding, so if he's got a bleeding issue, he needs to stop Reglan immediately, if not sooner.
Please follow up on what is going on now. The Dr isn't going to call and see how your husband is feeling- you have to demand answers. Healthcare isn't what it used to be these days, and you have to be your own advocate. Your husband's symptoms are extremely alarming, and something needs to be done now, not in a week and a half.
I hope things resolve quickly.

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Didn't you post a couple of months ago about your husband having to take an antibiotic for the rest of his life? I could be wrong, it's been a long day.

Does every single Dr your husband has been dealing with recently know about it? He could be having a serious reaction to the antibiotic. My dog died of immune-mediated thrombocytopenia, a condition where the immune sytstem attacks it's own platelets, possibly caused by an antibiotic. Other antibiotics can cause a similar problem, immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, where the immune system attacks it's own red blood cells. I don't know a thing about the antibiotic your husband is on, but I would make 100% certain that all the doctors dealing with your husband's case know he's on that antibiotic, if he still is.

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Thanks for the info. He was on Zyvox (Anti) but when he needed the trans. the Dr told me to have him stop taking it. When we got to the hospital I showed the admitting dept. the list of drugs he was on and told them what the Dr had said about stopping Zyvox. Well, when he was discharged I found out he was still taking it, the nurse said he was only supposed to have stopped until he got the trans. Then he saw the Dr a couple days later and he was mad at me, cause he said to "STOP THE ZYVOX". Yes, he was supposed to have taken it the rest of his life. You have a good memory. He then prescribed Doxycycline. I suspect he thinks the Z. had something to do with his blood loss. My husband sees the blood Dr on Tuesday. He is a little stronger now, but my husband is a big baby and it takes him a lot longer than the normal person to get his strength back. He likes to have me wait on him. But that is another story.

Hopefully we will find out more about the blood on Tuesday.

I'll let you know what happens. Thanks for responding. Ruth Ann

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Hi everyone, We went to the Oncologist (at a cancer center - how scary). He said his bone marrow is not producing red blood cells and he has to take a shot of "aranesp" once every two weeks. Hopefully it will work. Ruth Ann

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That is scary. I had to look up that drug, but it's just a fancy erythropoietin. Do the docs think your husband has a bone marrow cancer or is there trouble with his kidneys? Erythropoietin is produced by the kidneys to tell the bone marrow to make more red blood cells. I wonder where they think the problem is, or do they know at this point? Hopefully once he gets some RBCs he'll feel a lot better.

I attached the link for Aranesp below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aranesp product label

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His kidneys are 'not functioning properly' or something to that effect, but he has not had any medicine for that. I read the site you sent me and it's essentially the same as the leaflet that came with the medicine. Looks like it is only used for kidney disease and cancer patients. Anyway, I believe it is working, cause since yesterday my husband has been stronger. He can get up from his wheel chair now, and he will push it around and get his own water, even went to the bathroom today by himself. He doesn't done any of this since before he had his last hip replacement, over a year ago. His normal day is to do absolutely nothing, and he has been pretty active since yesterday afternoon.

The info about this med. says regular tests should be done to check the level of red blood cells. None are scheduled until he sees the Dr in a month. Thanks for the info. Ruth Ann

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I'm glad he's feeling better. He must be getting some RBCs made then, which is great. Keep us posted on how he does. We're all hoping for the best.

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loosing blood but it doesnt come out...but i have had at least 10 pints of blood given to me over a years time..just dont understand where it is going when i cant see it coming out anywhere....

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My sister in law almost died from blood loss. They could not find where she was bleeding from but they found the cause. Aspirins. She would take two, if it didn't work she would take more and more.

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my husband started getting real week and feel about 4 times i took him to the hospital and his blood count was down to 4 they put him in the hospital and a gave him 9 units of blood over a period of 8 days they done test where they went down him with a light and then they went uphim with a light and they still don't know why he lost that much blood and where is was going he's home now and has started feeling week and has feel once today so if you have and idea whats going on please let me know

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In some cases it's probably absorbed back into the body. I can't even take baby aspirin because I bleed. It is obvious where it is coming from in my case, urine.

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My grandmother is going through this same thing. No one can figure out where she is bleeding from and this is progressing. They removed part of her intestines and said that would fix it....it didn't. They have her on the shots Ruth mentioned and said she wasn't producing blood but that never helped either. She's been battling this awhile now and is going downhill. Her stools do sometimes get black so it's coming from somewhere. She's had a ton of scopes from both ends and they say everything looks great. Her kidneys are functioning but not 100%. She does not take aspirin. She was on blood thinners for years and something to raise her heart rate I believe but she had a stint put in her leg for possible clotting and a pacemaker so she's off both of those meds and she is STILL having this problem. She does have a leaky valve she had repaired 5 years ago and they said surgery didn't take 100% but it was better than before. She has terrible pain in her back and sides, dizziness, blacking out, feeling blood rush to her head for no reason, extreme memory loss, no appetite, and general malaise. If anyone has any suggestions....please give them!!

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Hi, My Mom had a tripple by-pass three years ago and has not been wright since . She lays in her bed all day long with terrable stomach pain , has lost a lot of weight . She is skin and bones. She is back and fourth to the Dr. and the Hosptial all the time . My Dad does not know what to do . Three days ago the Dr. said she has a enlarged goalbalter . So He took it out . They are sending to theorype everyday , but She passout each time . Now they said She is loosing blood , but does not know where it goes . So the gave her another 2 pints . She will be 89 years old this December . Can you think of any thing that would help her Thank-you Ron .

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