Hooking Cable Box and VCR

aperkoJuly 17, 2007

I just ordered DVR cable service and received the 8300HD dvr box from Time Warner Cable in North Carolina and have subsequently learned that the cable function "Copy to VCR" is not available in my area. It escapes me why it would be available in other parts of the country, but not here.

Since the "Copy to VCR" functionality was one of the main reasons I wanted the DVR, I'm considering getting rid of TWC's box and trying something different. But before I do, I thought I would post on this forum to see if anyone could suggest how to connect my components to make copies to a VCR without having to play the sound while doing so. Recording with the sound muted or turned down won't record.

I have the following:

--8300HDC DVR - connected from the wall by coaxial and from the box to the tv through coaxial

--TV with only inputs

--DVD player - connected directly to a tv input

--VCR with RF (coaxial?) input/output - Using coaxial, I can connect from the cable box through the VCR to the TV to make copies.

--Audio receiver - about 20 years old but works great. Just not a lot of connection options.

I'm willing to spend some money on new equipment, but not alot. I'd appreciate any suggestions on what might work or what functionality something new should have. I may consider purchasing something like Tivo and DVR and ditching Time Warner. Depending on what any expert advice.

Any advice is appreciated.


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