Refinishing old marmoleum

redesqJuly 26, 2012

Our house was originally built in 1881. Sometime in the early 1920s, a bedroom and sitting room were joined. That room now serves as our family room - which has grey berber carpet in it that is installed on an apparently floating or raised platform over the original flooring.

We bought the house two years ago, and the carpet was badly stained. Considering our boys were 1 and 2 at the time we moved in, we knew stains would be inevitable.

I pried back the carpet in a corner by a heating vent and found that there is beautiful designed grey and black marmoleum (of unknown time - but probably circa 1930s when the room was significantly remodeled). We have a contractor coming to take a look at that room to do a bunch of remodeling next week - but I am wondering about the feasibility of refinishing the marmoleum. I don't know exactly what shape it's in until we have everything out of there and the carpet ripped up so perhaps this is premature, but has anyone had success with this?

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It might be possible. I have restored genuine linoleum. It involves deep cleaning on hands and knees and then application of an appropriate finish.

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Please post pictures once you pull back the carpet and expose the linoleum.

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