Home Theatre Help!!! (Screen)?

sanborn5July 24, 2007

I did what I was suppose to and did a search first, but still need help. We already have our speakers, son and Husband know about the wiring and all that good stuff. Have narrowed down the projector. One of them is Infocus76 and Hatichi hdpj52. Have looked at the stewart screens but way tooo much $$$$. We will have a 100% dark room, so any suggestions on a screen that is around $200 - $500? Also I have read that white might be better for a completely darkened room. Any other suggestions? Gray, beaded etc. We really don't know too much about it. We want the home theatre without spending lots of $$$$$ but also, want it to be decent and not crappy. Thanks for all of you who have home theatres and can share your experiences. SAS

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We have an infocus projector which we love but we do not use a screen - our basement walls are painted yellow and we think the picture is great. I had read a lot about screens or painting the wall with a metallic silver paint but I wanted to see what the picture was like on the wall first - and we are very happy with it! We also didn't want to limit the size of the picture by using a screen - we have our picture go from the floor to the ceiling when watching full-screen movies. Good luck - I'm sure you will love your projector!

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without doing research on your particular projectors, go to avsforums and search on the model numbers under the appropriate projector price range. several people will help you out there. there are several factors including light output, light engine type, size, throw, etc.
if you get the projector, just aim it at the wall and see how it is. white or silver are usually the best.

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I see this was posted in July so I'm coming in a little late on this...I just joined the forum. Anyway, you can buy bulk screen material and make your own screen for a fraction of the price. http://store.cousinsvideo.com/cut-to-size.html This is the route I'm planning to take. It can't be that difficult to stretch cloth over a frame. Also see this link for info on projectors. http://www.projectorcentral.com/ They have an on line calculator for determining throw distance screen gain etc.


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I have a Panasonic AE900 projector in my home theater room and I am currently using a 92" Carada Brilliant white screen. The folks at Carada are very helpful and they will send small pieces of fabric as examples of the screens they sell. It was very helpful hanging these samples on my wall to see what looks best to my eyes. Carada is also very reasonably priced compare to Stewart.

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For your price range, I second the Carada suggestion. They have screens around $500. Also, the DIY screen is the most economical, but takes your time.

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For anyone getting a screen, I highly recommend you ordering samples from a couple of manufacturers.

My original plan, based off of info gleaned from the AVS Forum was to go with a Carada Brilliant White screen.

Then I got the samples and everyone in my family, me included, realized that the BW looked just like the primed (Kilz White Primer) wall that I was projecting on while trying to figure out a screen size that suited our viewing room.

Then the Dalite samples arrived. A booklet with about a dozen different screen samples.

Still, with a new bulb burning bright in the projector, it wasn't until recently that I finally bought a 133" Dalite High Power for a little over $500.

The DaLite High Power is awesome. Mostly due to the advantage of the screen being able to shed ambient light due to its retro-reflective nature. That's a plus for having a light or two on when company is over watching the Patriots or Red Sox beat up on the other teams in their respective leagues. A little ambient light goes s along way towards preventing someone from accidentally dipping their fist in a bowl of dip.

No regrets.

So...try a few free screen samples and see what worlk best for you. Not all screens work well in all rooms, nor with all projector/screen setups.


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