How high up on wall to mount flat screen TV in bedroom??

leibrookJuly 20, 2006

We want to put a flat screen TV high up on the wall in our bedroom, so it can be viewed while in lying in bed. I know, TV's are not supposed to be in the bedroom if you want to sleep. MY DH usually looks at it while drifting off to sleep and lies flat on his back. Right now, we have a TV in an armoire and I admit, it puts a kink in my neck while lying down, trying to watch it. In our soon to be built house, we plan to mount a flat screen TV on the wall, so we can see it while lying down. Do you know how high it should be mounted to view it comfortably from a prone position in bed? Does anyone have that set up? Does it sound too crazy?

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I would try relaxing in the various positions that I intend to watch TV at and stare at the wall. Wherever it's most comfortable would be where I'd put it. Forget the rules, do what works for you. How about on the ceiling directly above the bed? Well, that might a bit dangerous, but I bet it would be comfortable.

Personally, I loath having a TV in the bedroom. For me bedrooms are for sleeping, reading, and "other" activities with the missus. We had a TV in the bedroom many years ago and we both found it annoying when the other was watching TV. Now the TV's are restricted to the family room and the TV room only.

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