Surround sound, $500-$600... help

rmklemanJuly 17, 2008

Well just about to finish my living room thats about 18' long by 12' wide. I found my 52" 1080p lcd and i want to buy a surround sound. I know everyone is going to tell me thats i need to spend a lot more but the bottom line is that i cant afford to and do not look to upgrade it in the next few years. What kind of set up can i get for this? I want the tower speakers setup. I want the sub to have enough power to scare small children and possibly wake the neighbors or the dead for that matter... I would like to purchase one in about 2 weeks. I have no problem pieceing together one off ebay... I dont think i want a home theater in a box unless it can do what i want with the sub. I realize i need a powerd (plug in the wall) sub??? Let me know and please any comments at all would help me! Thanks!!

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I bought an Onkyo home theatre setup in that price range. The sound is great. The engine in "Polar Express" sounds like its in the room and shakes the house. I had it for a couple years now and the only problem I had was the volume button on the remote is acting up, but I would buy it again.

You can check it out at CircuitCity. Be sure to check price with online retailers before buying though.

Good luck.


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i bought a JVC controller, 5 speakers and a powered sub for around that price. you can always upgrade it later, so put in what you can afford now and then later get a bigger/better system and change it out. if you run wire in teh wall you don't have to change it out later.

if your tv has the built in surround outputs you could just buy the speakers/sub and be able to get higher in speakers since you don't have to get the controller.

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