42' flat TV in a 46' space?

leibrookJuly 16, 2006

The entertainment center niche in our new house measures About 46". I am trying to figure what size flat screen, mounted on an arm, will fit. I am thinking a 42" is the max. I will check the dimensions, but wanted to ask the group. I would like a 31"H cabinet underneath the flat screen to house equipment. Do you think this would be too high to have the TV mounted over the 31"H cabinet? Thanks.


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Keep in mind that displays are generally measured in inches DIAGONALLY (from corner to opposite corner). This usually does not include surrounding cabinet, but manufacturers are always stretching the inch ;-) to make their displays specs seem larger than they may actually be. At any rate just be sure you measure the horizontal and vertical space you have, and be sure the display you intend to put there will fit. Remember, ventilation is important for electronics.

Always an. . .Angel

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Some 42's will fit, some won't. It depends if they have the speakers on the sides or on the bottom. I was trying to find one to fit in a 47" opening and found this to be the case.

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