Holistic Treatment for Kidney Stones?

GardenGhostMarch 30, 2004

A CT scan revealed that I have kidney stones in both kidneys. One is very large. The lithotripsy or whatever the shock wave treatments are called will cost me at least $8,000!!! I have no insurance so it's something I'd have to pay out of pocket. I'm not working because I stay home and care for my mother, so this is an enormous amount of money to me. Furthermore, the hospital demands at least $2500 down before they'll let me in. ON top of that, I must pay the urologist.

Someone briefly mentioned some form of holistic treatment for kidney stones, like drinking some kind of asparagus cocktail or something. Do any of you know of anything that might work? I have another surgery that is more crucial at the moment which will run me at least $3000, so I need to spend my money on that.

Any information, any links to a site, anything would be so helpful! I'm even interested in alternative modern treatments beside the lithotripsy. Do any of you have experience with kidney stones?

The sad thing is, I've been seeing doctors for around 10 yrs complaining of pain on my left side (where the largest kidney stone is). One of these docs treated me about once a year for a kidney infection. Yet, when I asked them if I had kidney stones, I was told, "Oh no, if you had kidney stones, you'd be in so much pain that you'd be in ER crying for relief, not waiting for appointments here." It took me ten years to find a doctor who ran the right tests (costing me $1500!!!) to determine the source of my pain. Now I can't afford to fix it. HELP!!


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While you dither about trying things like Holistic treatments, that stone could be doing irreparable damage to your kidney. It didn't form overnight, and it won't go away overnight either no matter what you do.

Since you are unemployed and have no insurance, I think you would be eligable for State Aid as this is a serious medical problem. I urge you to apply as soon as possible. I don't know what it would be called in your state. In mine, it's handled through the Dept. of Family and Children Services. Check your phone book. What you would be seeking would be MediCAID, (NOT MediCARE)

Good luck!

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PeeBee, I already went to the Medicaid office. They said I didn't qualify because I'm not pregnant, disabled, or handicapped.

No, the kidney stones didn't form overnight. In fact, as I stated, I've had this pain for around 10 years and complained to several different doctors--all of whom said I didn't have kidney stones; I had a spastic colon, a simple (recurring) kidney infection, an overactive bladder, diverticulitis, too much stress in my life, or that I was just too overweight. I was even told once that since the kidney infection was cleared up, I shouldn't be in any pain, and they sent me home.

Obviously, if I don't have the money for treatment and may not have the money anytime soon, I CAN"T have medical treatment.

Modern medicine is not the only medicine. In fact, before modern medicine, there was herbal and holistic medicine. I'm a firm believer that alternative medicine works in many cases. So since modern medicine isn't currently an option for me, I'd love to hear from people with holistic experience. Anybody out there?


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I did a seach on Google and there are a lot of sites. Surely one of them will clue you in to a good course of treatment. I took a look at a few. They were more interested in selling a book or a product than giving any good information. However, there must be something there that might help.

Do you have a holistic medicine store or a GNC store in your area? The woman that runs the one near me is most helpful.

But, I am serious about trying to get this taken care of SOON. If the stone moves enough to block urine flow, you could be in deep trouble.

Now, some States have a little known program designed to help people such as your self. It is not Medicaid in that it will not pay for ALL medical expenses, just the ones are concerned with a particular problem. That is, it would help someone with a tumor or a kidney stone, but not the usual chest cold, flu or broken arm. It would be just for the one thing. In our State, it is known as Aid for the Medically Indigent. It was set up to help those that were faced with overwhelming medical bills but were not eligible for Medicaid. It might be worth your while to investigate. Also, if you are near a teaching hospital, you might see if you could be treated as a teaching case. You would get poked and prodded more than usual, but sometimes that gets things done better than having just the one private physician.

I am sure that there must be someone here that has had some experience. Cranberry juice is supposed to help prevent the stones, but I think you have passed that point. I don't know if it is also supposed to disolve them.

I wish I could be of more help. My DH had several stones. I know that some of them caused a great deal of pain, and others, didn't, just a dull ache. I guess it depended on the location.

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I think it would be worth your while to call area organizations and see what they do.I know our area Kiwanis contributes toward diabetic needs.The Lions club does eyecare. At the very least, they can direct you to someone that can help.Your situation is not unique, and if you look hard enough, I'm sure you can come up with some aid. Sandy

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Caspar, do you live anywhere near a university that is a medical school? A friend of mine is part of a study on kidney stones and he got treatment for free. I know it is a long shot, but wanted to mention it to you anyway.

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Hi, just wanted to let you know you are not alone! I had a kidney stone four years ago that they found after constant pain in my side and back. CT found a 4 mm stone in the kidney and a cyst on ovary. dr's kept saying the stone will not cause pain so I finally had cyst removed and lost the ovary. Well the pain was still there and after 2 years of battling my dr for a referral my dd's dr was telling me of his kidney stone and when I told him I had one 7 mm ( it grew from first ct) his eyes about bugged out when I told him I had had it for 2 years. When I explained about referral refusal he made a call and I finally had it blasted and the pain was gone. Bad news is I am having that familiar pain but no longer have insurance. I have been looking for the home remedy approach and will be trying the asparagus coke remedy in the morning. I tried the lemon juice and olive oil remedy with no results.

Drink a can of coke (Classic) every 20 min until 6 cans are drunk then puree cooked asparagus and drink 8 oz . Follow that with lots of water and hopefully it will dissolve and you pass the sludge which is left. I hope this helps you and you pass the stone soon.
I will pray for your health and good results!

The link below tells about asparagus. Do a google search for asparagus coke kidney stones and you will have plenty to read.

Here is a link that might be useful: asparagus info

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Situation: chronic history of UTI's- gone with pea size estrace cream to the outer urethral opening. NOW found blood in the urine and have a stone, CT says 5-6mm (5 months ago) KUB says 2-4mm. I was about to go for a lithotripsy until I suffered a sever panic attack which caused them to post-pone it- Thank God!! I feel it was my "nurse intuition". I later have taken care of patients that have had the litho and they say "it's a 2 year thing". WHY? Because when the stone is blasted the reminents are still in the kidney and can grow new stones. This is MY philosophy. I ask the Dr's and many can't answer that ?. I'm a critical care RN for 22 years and have been doing my homework regarding this issue. I think I may ave passed something a few weeks ago when I awoke with severe pain and nausea with perfuse sweating, I had diarrhea x3 and the next morning I had "cola colored urine=blood in the urine". I went for labs and a KUB, will let ya know but I doubt it cuz that would be too easy! Labs to pay attention to are BUN/Creatinine/GFR. I do this yearly regardless as a preventative. I will try the coke/aspargus mixture as I'm told that really works!!!

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Id skip it go to a dr this is serious stuff,you could end up getting kidney removed if you let it go.
I had 2 stones years ago,well recently I went to a hospital to discus transplant they were adamit about the dateI had stones ,Its nothing to play with.Sometimes youre just eating the wrong foods.They do a urine test to see.

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