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flowersnowJuly 15, 2009

A friend of mine told me that when she divorced, she hired a company that came in and packed up her stuff, took it to auction, sold it, kept a %, and then gave her the money. She had enough to do without selling her stuff.

Has anyone heard of what this business would be called? Unfortunately, I have a very sick family member who never married and is a pack rat! I know that when he goes, my sister and I, his family, won't want much from his house, but I don't want to stress out and make 300 trips to goodwill.


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It is very common here in the midwest to do auctions. Look in the paper or yellow pages. Some are better than others. Usually after the auction, the remainder goes to thrift stores etc. Don't know if they are licensed or not, but I think here they are. You could check with your local county offices. Usually the auctions people come to the house, and even sell houses. Don't know about cleaning, but they will sort the stuff out.

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Where I live in Easteren NC the Salvation army will come and get all the stuff you don't want. They do not pack it or pay you. There has to be one big thing like a sofa or a stove to justify the truck comming out though. Out here Good Will does not make collections. Good luck. Vicki

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