Cyst, Abscess or Boil?

downsouthMarch 14, 2004

My daughter-in-law has something on her stomach that looks like an open hole. It is very small and is perfectly round.

It has drained some blood but otherwise doesn't bother her.

Anyone have any idea if this could be a cyst, an abscess, a boil or what?

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The only person who is qualified to answer that is a physician who can do a hands-on exam ... and if I had a hole in my abdomen that was draining blood, I'd see a doctor as fast as possible.

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She had one of these before and it cleared up in the same area. I'm trying to encourage her to go to the doctor.

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Okay odd it on a stretch mark? I have rather large stretch marks from my son (18 years ago, you'd think they'd go away, no way), anyway I sometimes get those, they aren't "holes" but look like a boil or large pimple. Dr said that since the skin in thin there due to the stretch mark, I get a tear in the 2nd and 3rd layer of skin (from them too being stretched. Top layer is thicker scar tissue, so it doesn't break through. Did that make sense? He said not to worry...but that is a Dr. telling me not to worry after he's examined it. Daughter should do the same.


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It doesn't really matter which it is, it needs to be seen by a doctor. Anytime that there is an abnormal opening that is draining, there is a chance of a serious infection developing.

Convince her that she really doesn't want that to happen. The sooner it's attended to, the better.


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No, it's not on a stretch mark and she did go to the dermatologist. They numbed it and are doing a biopsy. Will post the results when they come back in.

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My daughter had one on her leg, it would get infected occasionally and yucky yellowish stuff would come out. I finally convinced her to go to a doctor (when she was like 13) and the doctor did surgery in his office and closed it up. No problems.

I think these are inherited, I have one on my ear and my mom has some near her left ear.

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