steve_gardenwebMarch 31, 2009

My daughter is contemplating accepting admission to Northwest University near Chicago. She has Raynaud's but, while she's lived in Texas, it was not something that fequently occurred or was very impactful on her life. Because of the weather in Chicago, should she not consider a college that otherwise has so much of what she wants in a school?

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In my opinion, it would depend on how mature she is. Is she the type who has always taken good care of herself, or is she careless ? She can get by in Chicago with proper clothing of the type you would find in a sporting goods store. She needs several hats, several pairs of reqally warm mittens & gloves, good wool socks, warm boots that fit over the thick socks, etc.. If you know you can count on her to dress properly, she'll do fine. If she's the kind who will run out the door, forgetting the hat, gloves, etc, she'll definitely get frostbite.

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How severe is she? Does she have any other health problems that will cause her stress? As you know, the more stressed out she is, the more it may flare up.Usally Raynaud's is more a PITA than serious- again it depends on if there are other problems.
How long was she in Texas? Was she in air-conditioned buildings(where she could not control the temp of the building, as she can at home) for long periods of time? Or was she more at home, where she could control the inside temp? Usually the air conditioning is pretty cool in bigger buildings. One place she will have to eal with air conditioning, the other will be cold outside. Chicago isn't cold all year, though.
How much stress will it be in either place? Where does SHE want to be? If she wants to be in Chicago, and she is sent to Texas, that is a stress. Which school has the best history? Which school might an employer be more impressed with? Which school will be easier for her to manage her classes? Can she take a couple classes at a time at one, so that when she is full blown into her area of study her load won't be so heavy.
She should now be at the age that it is her decision, no matter how hard you want to protect her. She should know what she can handle, what stresses her (I'm not saying YOU are a stress, but maybe she wants to get away... on her own).
In todays world, the university may make or break her career.
Let her decide. If it is the wrong decision, she can always move. We women can always change our minds...
Hope she enjoys college- it is a great time in her life!

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