vizio vs samsung

hellpasoJuly 22, 2007

we wamt to get a large screen lcd--do you have any insight into what would be the best 52 inch lcd????

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I also saw a Vizio at Sears that was for a great price in a 32" size despite wanting a 26" LCD size. I was wondering what the quality also was. I wish it was a one tone TV since it is black and silver. I am also wondering if the 1200 contrast ratio will be enough or it is worth spending more to get Samsung or Sony or Toshiba or Sharp?

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we have a 32 inch vizio lcd that we got about 6 months ago for around $700 and it is really fantastic. we got that one at sam's. vizio's biggest lcd is a 47 inch, i think, and the samsung we're looking at is a 52.

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hellpaso, Thank you so much for posting this since I am really considering the Vizio since I love the zoom and freeze feature it has, the good reviews, how the speakers are under the LCD to make it taller and not wider and the $600 price at Sears. I am also considering a Toshiba Regza that is only $180 more that has had wonderful reviews. I just never dreamed I would be paying so much for a TV.

How is the sound quality and the remote? Any negative things about the Vizio or is it as nice as it sounds to be.

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i honestly have no problems at all with the vizio. the picture and sound are great, not just on the hd channels, but on the regular ones as well. as for price--lol--i remember paying nearly 2k for a 26 inch sony console back in the early eighties!!

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Thank you hellpaso for letting me know about your Vizio and also for reminding me the price could be worse for the LCD I want to buy.

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