Got a bill for the first time

goldyMarch 11, 2013

I have been retired for 20yrs and have good medical insurance.I get all my medical needs taken care of. This month for the first time I got a bill in the mail,Saying The company paid all it could and the rest is up to me. This was a shock.What happened?I don't want to say what I think happened because I would be banned fron this table.Life must go on and I will get over it but it sure took me for a loop.

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You might call them & ask nicely if your insurance has changed. Mom's did Jan 1 of this year but so far everything seems about the same. Drug co. changed & gave her a generic that didn't agree with her. I went down & got the 1 she always got & was shocked as it was only $4 at an Independent Pharmacy!! Easier to pay that then get anywhere with new company on the phone. Lots of changes coming with healthcare bill!

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The bill I got was for a test.This test was paid in full last time I took it.This time aarp only paid a portion.I will ask next time "is this test necessary?

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Next time ask if the insurance will pay for it. Most insurance only cover one test in a limited time. An eye exam for instance.

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You could be right.Maybe I had too many test done in too short a peri od.Changeing doctors and all.I will wait and see what happens next.Hate to call insurance companies.put me on hold too longand when they finally get to me I have lost my thought.Thanks Sunnyca

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Before my husband passed away about 3 years ago, we found out he could get his meds from a local pharmacy a lot cheaper than from the veterans association, where he got them for years.Our government at work.

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sunnyca - those darned generics. We are having that problem in Ontario, Canada right now. The medicinal ingredients are the same of course - it is the non-medicinal ingredients that get you. There are many seniors (over 65 and not working) who have their prescriptions paid for but they can't handle the generics - so they must pay the difference themselves. My husband will be retiring in a couple of years, but his office plan will be changing this fall to one that will cover generic pills only - mandatory - if the pills come in generic form. Naturally, my main prescription does come in generic form - been there, done that - was up for a week. It was a new pharmacist who decided that I should just take the generic form even though my file clearly read No Generics. So come fall I will be paying the differenced myself - and also the dispensary fees are being capped at about $4 - 5 less than our local pharmacy charges. I am not about to spend the same amount in gas to go for a refill. My HRT does not come in generic form so that would be covered but I may be taken off that come this fall anyway - and my husband has only 2 eye drop prescriptions - so that would leave us with 3 - we pay an awful lot of $$ for people with so few prescriptions. I won't even be able to call the new health insurance provider - you have to write them a letter - and coverage will be 90% for some things and 50% for others. Our provincial health care does not cover prescriptions, dental or vision - despite what a taxi driver told my husband when he was in NY! Oh, and the new plan will only allow dental recalls every 9 months instead of 6 - wait until the dentist hears this. Yes, you really have to watch how often tests are done to ensure they are covered and to what extent. Certainly our health care is better than you have in the U.S. but if you need a special test done you can wait an awfully long time to have it done.

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In the uk we get free health care :) i dont get why Americans must have insurance it sounds like trickery and the rich trying to con the poor out of more money.

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They are trying to get a health care bill now. It has been approved but I will bet it will cost me than what I am paying now. They saw we won't be restricted to certain hospitals or doctors but I don't know if Ican believe them or not. I don't see why they don't just help the ones who need it. The last thing I heard it had been put off for awhile. I knew someone who lived in the UK and they did not like it and said if you slipped the doctor extra money they would get you right in the back door.

I don't make any judgements on stuff like that but don't know why she would lie.

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When you go into the doctor he will check to see just what your insurance will pay and he will want all he can get. The #1 cause of bankruptcy in the US is medical system

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Doug I don't believe that. I think the doctors are so afraid of missing something and losing a patient and of being sued for malpractice that they are just being careful.

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DD was having 1st baby, I was standing outside the open door to the room, curtain was pulled but I could hear what was going on. Nurse came out from behind curtain & yelled, "crash cart" person behind desk at nurses station said "for who" nurse yelled " both,hurry" I had moved over to the desk & watched as they looked for insurance & then said, Oh, it's OK good insurance! Then nurse said to other person, "that's the girl's mom" I was really disgusted & I asked to see my daughter minute I knew baby was alive & crying. They said it was a mess, I said I didn't care. I was just glad to see she was OK & they were cleaning up baby. But what if no insurance or poor insurance, this was going on 16 yrs ago! So can't imagine what they are pulling now. They did get in trouble for not giving poor women epidurals & so they do get them now after it made the newspaper!

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