Vizio 32' Led - turned on and no sound

gma_jJune 2, 2011

We have had the Vizio for a little over a year and it has worked perfectly. We use it with DirecTV.

I turned it on this morning and there was absolutely no sound. I have checked everything I could think of with no luck.

Would any of you have any ideas for me? Thank you

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I see you posted this on electronics as well, but will reply here.

Without knowing the type of connection between the DirecTV box and your television, as well as the model number of the television, I can only offer some general suggestions. This also assumes you are talking about the built-in television speakers.

First you need to determine if the problem lies in the DirecTV box or television. Do you have another device such as a DVD player connected to the television? Does that have sound? If yes, the problem maybe the DirecTV box. If no, then it's the television.

If it's the television, the most obvious would be the "mute" button. Next would be to re-seat the connectors on both devices.

After that, there may be setup menu functions that allow you turn off the built-in speakers when connected to a separate audio system.

There may also be a function that allows you to select either an analog or digital audio input connection on the television, to accompany the video.

These are all fairly quick checks and if they all appear normal, unplug the television from the AC outlet for about 1-2 minutes and plug back in. This resets the electronics in it and may hopefully solve the problem.

If the earlier test indicated the DirecTV box may be the problem, try unplugging that, waiting, and plugging back in. Some set top boxes also have a mute function on the remote as well - you may want to check that first.

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Bill, thank you so much. The first thing I did was unplug "everything" for about 15 minutes. I now have sound. I truly appreciate your help.

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