Bad Carpet install in a new house- Can feel the seams!

conshekJuly 11, 2012

We just bought a new construction house and moved in. It appears as if the carpet installer did an awful job. The upstairs carpet is an upgraded flat carpet with a small design in it (light color carpet). We didn't pick it out so I don't know the brand or anything else. The problem is that you can not only see the seams but you can FEEL them when you walk barefoot (which we always are). I have never experienced is . It's very rough and feels like they used a bunch of glue there and something else they should not have done. It's driving me crazy. Anyone experienced this?

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Is the carpet a berber? We put two different types of berber in our home when we built. The type on the main floor didn't show seams and blended great. The type in the basement showed the seams and created a slight hump. I was told it's just the difference in berber. Perhaps it's the same with your carpet. Ours has been in 16 years now. Both carpets look just the same as the day they were installed, but I can still see the seams on the basement carpet. I've learned to live with it. Not sure how you want to proceed.

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Could be numerous things. And not absolutely positively a situation where something was done incorrectly, but I believe there is a good chance that it is an installation issue. A couple of things to know. Fuzzy or loop carpet. Is it over cushion or directly glued down. I can explain to you what to do to exactly determine the problem once I know the type of carpet and method of installation.

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