Stuffy nose for 5 months!

seaswirlMarch 7, 2013

I've had a stuffy nose since Hurricane Sandy - October 29, 2012. It's so stuffy sometimes, I have to completely breathe with my mouth open. Sometimes, I get a cough for a few days, and when I cough, I feel like my head is going to explode. I went to the doctor once, and he gave me a round of antibiotics. It didn't work. I've taken a myriad of OTC drugs, but they make it worse. My co-workers are encouraging me to go to an ENT, but I'm petrified he may use that scope. Yuk. Anyone have a stuffy nose for 5 months?

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You need an Xray to see if you have a sinus infection. Have you tried one of these sinus rinse things? They are fantastic. A netti pot will help, too. Don't worry about an ENT - they won't absolutely insist on any tests you do not want. They will probably take an Xray. An allergist might help you too.

Here is a link that might be useful: NeilMed Sinus Rinse

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First thing I thought of as well - a sinus infection - the type that will require you to take the 6 pill regimen. Two on day one and then one on each subsequent day. The meds stay in your system for several days post taking the last pill. Your GP should be able to prescribe these for you - unless you do need a referral to a specialist. Not to sound too indelicate, but sometimes the way to tell is when you blow your nose, if the discharge is greenish in colour - that can be a clue. But sometimes it is not green - I know this because I just went through it. I have many allergies - anti-histamine being one which is the devil - but finally resorted to the sinus meds after going to my doctor. It had just gone on too long and then came back with a vengeance.

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Can you smell or taste anything??

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Assuming you live in the area, could it be a mold allergy?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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My tastebuds were not what they were - getting better now. And my nose was so stuffed up I couldn't smell much. I really think you need to see a doctor since you could have picked up something from Sandy. My husband was supposed to attend a conference in NJ that week - obviously it was cancelled. I hope you get better.

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Try drinking fresh, pure squeezed lemon with a little water... That what I do when I eat unhealthy and get congested.. Let me guess, you drink milk and eat lots of grains? Those are all mucus forming foods... Try eating raw fruit and vegetables for a few days, bet you any money your going to be breathing out your nose..


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You do need to get it checked out further. Lady on forum had stuffy nose for several months & turned out to be cancer behind the eyes & had to operate through the nose & forehead only around 300 people ever have had this & had to be done at Mayo Clinic(St Mary's hospital) She is fine now but who would have thought you could even have that. It was just ahead of the covering on her brain so they didn't go in the brain at all. Could be polyp, infection usually is green or yellow & lot of mucus, could be allergic to medicine you are taking( did you change meds right before this started.? On statin drugs?-they cause tumors & kill thyroid as 3 of friends & relatives of mine have found out. Around smokers or fireplaces? they set me off, cold air can start up stuffy noes & sore throat on me. Could be lot of things & dr. needs to check for them & you need to keep notes & write down what you did before it got worse again, even foods could be problem. Ear, nose & throat dr. seems like place to start. But if allergies to smoke or cold no test for that, just repeat illness when you are exposed. I knew young man that had to sleep with blanket over his head at night in winter as grandma only had house at 65degrees. She thought he was nuts, I told her I've slept with sheet over my head for years & my heat is much higher but I was getting migraine every night, sheet made huge difference except before rain storm coming in & got sick anyway. So not everything can be found out in dr. office. But better to find out if they have answers before you try finding out if it is environment. Might need medical attention fast!

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Most likely you have built up an allergy of some sort and the sinuses are swollen. Get to a ENT, he or she will take a look and assess it. It doesn't hurt. Then they may give you an rx of a nasal steroid that cuts down the swelling. I use one every day and perhaps an rx to kill any bacteria you may have picked up. You shouldn't have to live this way. See a good dr.

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