Question about cancer and secondhand smoke....

carrie630March 7, 2013

I am well into my sixties and haven't been to bars for over 30 years but although I never drank, I did go regularly for over 20 - 22 years before i got married and had a family. Of course, after that we never went to bars where there was a lot of smoke.

I often wonder... do your lungs (which were exposed to a great deal of smoke for years) clear a bit or does that secondhand smoke stay permanently (which may cause cancer later).

I am so mad at myself for attending the smoke filled places (I sang in a band and although never drank (still don't), it was a great social gathering, especially in the sixties). I lived in smoke filled bars for years and now I worry.

Thanks for any response.


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They [Medical society] claim that in a few years your lungs will return to normal after you quit smoking. I can believe that is true because your cells are renewing themselves all the time. If you have been out of a smoky environment for a few years I would think your lungs are back to normal. Bests person to ask is your doctor specially if you have any symptoms

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Thanks, doug - I hope you are right. I have no symptoms but I was just curious what everyone has either heard or knew for a fact (although we never know about these things for sure)



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It may not cause you any problem. My Sis and her husband smoked all their adult life and never had lung problems. They both drank and no liver problems.

I would not waste a precious minuter worrying about it.

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Don"worry "there is nothing you can do about it.Be happy and live one day at a time.My mother died of cirosis and never drank a drop.I drank and smoked "but never inhaled" and don"have cancer.You could be run over by a car.Treat yourself good and the people you meet and go on and have a good day.

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