Speaker Placement for multiple watching configurations

FyniteJune 6, 2013

We have a minor dilemma about where to put our speakers.

Our TV is mounted on the short wall of our 10 x 18 foot dining area. To the right of the TV is the 8 x 18 foot kitchen, which is seperated from the dining area by a table height peninsula. The end of the dining area opposite the TV is open onto the 14' x 17' living room, seperated by a drop beam.

About half the time, the TV is angled 45 degrees so I can watch it while I cook or clean in the kitchen, the rest of the time it is flat and I watch it from inside the dining area, or sometimes from the living room. My wife most often watches from the computer desk, which is almost right under the beam into the living room.

My plan is to put the center speaker on the bookshelf below the TV, the two front satelite speakers to the right and left above the TV angled down. The subwoofer will go on the floor to the left of the TV between the book shelf and the entertainment center. So the question is, where should the two rear satelite speakers go? On the beam between the living room and dining area facing the TV? On the rear wall of the living room? (which will involve a ridiculous run of wiring.) Somewhere else entirely? Or should we just scratch the whole thing and just use the TV's built in speakers which is what we are doing now?

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a third option would be to buy purpose made speaker stands and move them around until you find the sweet spot.

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Whether you are listening from the computer or the kitchen, you would not be paying much attention to what the tv is doing; either computing or preparing food.
So, I would use the satilite speakers best in your living room configuration, and set them up for best surround sound (what speaker wire length would this be?). Twenty five feet would be okay, sneak this wire under the base board/under floor.

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