Shure V15 MR vs Shure V15 Type IV-which is best?

stash-hdyJune 28, 2010

I have two Shure cartridges does anyone have an information as to which is better and if so in what areas? The cartridges are the Shure V15 MR and the V15 Type IV.

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The V15 MR, which actually is most likely a V15 Type V-MR, would be a newer design than the V15 Type IV. The V15 cartridge started back in the 60's followed by Type II, III, IV, V, an so forth with each substantial design improvement over the years.

For the exact differences, you may need to do a little Google research.

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Yosemitebill you are correct the number is the V15 Type V-MR after researching I started to take shortcuts in using the description. Thanks for your feedback.

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If you are dealing with cartridges that old, try them out to be sure that the suspension materials have not deteriorated with time. The Shure V-15 series is a high-compliance cartridge, and is not suitable for every tonearm: what kind of turntable are you using?

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I have a Sony Direct Drive PS-LX5 which I bought new with the Shure V15 Type IV Cartridge. My son broke the Type IV Stylus so I then purchased the Shure V15 Type V MR Cartridge, back then they were almost the same price. That's why I have both Cartridges, the Type IV without a stylus and the Type V MR with the original Stylus. It still plays fine but sooner or later will need a stylus that's why I am gathering information. I have been looking at LP Gear Super Analogue Stylus replacement for Shure VN5MR stylus does anyone know about its performance? Users say itÂs as good if not better??

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