Best TV screen for sunroom

lodaladyJune 30, 2012

It Is time to buy a television for the sunroom. What do I need to know about a screen and reflection? We have windows on the west, north and south. The paint and floor are dark, so its not a bright room during the summer when the trees are full. The tv will sit on the east wall, so it will face the wast. Will just any tv screen be ok?

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Well, obviously, it can be difficult to mount a flat screen television in a sunroom when it comes to glare and reflections. And then, it's also hard to know what to expect throughout the year.

I'd recommend an LCD display with LED back-lighting. That should give you the crispest and brightest picture to compete with the ambient lighting. Plasma displays, while having their own attributes, usually tend to fall short when it comes to glare and/or bright ambient lighting.

But before buying anything or installing a wall-mount, maybe temporarily hang a large glass framed picture where you are considering mounting the television. Look at it throughout the day from where you would normally be seated and you can see how much glare you may expect to get. Then, maybe try a couple other spots to find the least glare-free area.

If you need to run A/V cables and AC power to the television as well, then it'll be well worth your time to do a little experimenting first.

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Thank you for responding. I'll play with picture placement. My stepson suggested having the store turn off the TV to see if there is much reflection. I'm thinking that not all TV's have glass screens, do some have nonglare screens? Not that it matters, I don't have a budget to order or purchase a specific TV, so I'm shopping for what will work best.

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