bird_lover_2006March 8, 2007

Has anyone found a way to get rid of existing hemorrhoids? The Dr told me to take stool softners and eat more fiber. I have been doing that for a couple of months. Sometimes they feel better and then all of a sudden they hurt again. I work out every morning for 30 mintues and try to walk around at work as much as possible. I also drink 72oz of water a day. I have a really big water bottle on my desk! This little pain in the b... is driving me crazy!!!!

Thanks for any help.

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You mean you haven't tried Prep H?

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Are they internal or external?

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My mom and sister had the surgery where they "bind" them. Of course they both said it was extremely painful,embarrssing,and that the roids came back after a couple months to a year anyways.
I'd stick with preperation H.And I heard taking advil can help the pain.Also something called a "sitz" bath where you just soak in the hottest water you can stand for like,20 minutes.

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There are suppositories that may work better than Prep.H. cream. I remember one brand (forget the name) made of cocoa butter. It was just lovely to smell like hot cocoa every time I pulled down my panties. LOL

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You can also try an over the counter product called Anusol. It comes in both suppositorie and ointment with a thin applicator that can be inserted to get the ointment inside.
You do need to increase your fluid intake as well as increasing roughage.

What I am finding in hospitals and doctors offices now thought, is a return to some old fashioned treatments for them.

Things like sitz bath, soaking in hot water in a tub as stated above and for relief, they are saying good old fashioned A&D ointment. the stuff used for diaper rash on babies.

I had a problem with hemorrhoids from pain meds after surgery a year ago. Docs said use the A&D instead of anything else. Oh what relief I had and they shrunk up real quick as well.

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You can buy the sitz bath tub thingy at most drug stores even Walmart has them I think in health supplies. The sitz tubs are just like those we are sent home from hospital with after giving birth, handy little gadget for soaking the pain in the butt. Don't got to expose the whole body to the hot water which tends to dry the skin out if done very much, the warm water that might be soothing to the pain in the butt not so soothing to the rest of the body sometimes.

OH those TUCKS pad things can be comforting too.

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Thanks for all the answers. They are external and I have tried prep H, tucks etc. I will have to try the A&D cream.

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bird lover. A&D is an ointment that comes in a tube and large container tubs.

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Besides taking the ointments mentioned, the other thing I took that helped was vitamin E.

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I suffered for years from very painful hemorrhoids. I had the surgery only to have them return in full force. My doctor asked me if I ate popcorn. I told him I didn't think that could cause this problem. I decided to take his advice. I cut out popcorn, nuts, corn and seeds. I have not had a hemorrhoid since. If I even eat a handful of nuts, the problem returns. I am so happy now.

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If you are still having symptons, you may want to look into infrared coagulation. IRC treatment is a non-surgical treatment for hemorrhoids. It uses infrared light to reduce the blood supply to the hemorrhoids, and this will cause the hemorrhoid to shrink and disappear.

As I said, it's non-surgical, there's no-anethsia involved, and there is no-interruption to your daily activities.

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For existing ones, I used to use a box of 12 suppositories, following the instructions on the box. that took care of that problem.

The doctor told my husband years ago how to prevent them, my husband didn't do as he was told and had to eventually have surgery. The instructions were to clean yourself with tissue, then finish up with a damp one. Dryness is the enemy. Moistness lets the muscles go back in. Following those instructions put an end to my hemorrhoid problem. I use wet wipes.

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Have your Dr. write you a prescription for suppositories, they work!! They are not hard to use like I expected, and the pain will go away very quickly. When the pain is really bad, sit on a ice pack.

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Healthy Mom my husband had to have surgery for hemorrhoids and I have them now, but not bad. I have researched it thoroughly and talked to doctors. Hemorrhoids are muscles and maybe veins that are pushed out by bowel movements. Then when you stand the anus is so dry they can't slide back where they belong. The instructions I found on the internet was not to wipe vigorously, wipe or pat gently, then use a wet wipe and finish with Vaseline. It recommended using things like Prep H suppositories and ointment 7 days but no longer, it causes the skin to thin. I use vaseline at least once a day and am 90% improved. Warm baths are helpful also.

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cortisone (ANU-CORT-HC)suppositories help .... by prescription, & 'Balneol' cleansing creme... over-the-counter.

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Change your eating habits so your stool is soft and flows easily. The reason for hemorrhoids is an excess force used to push. If you do not address the cause the problem it will return. Address the symptoms and not the cause is only temporary

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I just got rid of a pile the size of a small (not tiny) grape. After trying several types of creams, having it bleeding on occasions (not many fortunately) what has worked with me is just tapping!! I started two days ago and by now the pile is pretty much GONE. After a shower, just tap on your pile several several times for about 20 minutes. You should be careful and really clean that area well (never scrub, scratch, or use strong soap, though, just gently pass water with a very mild soap there to avoid getting your fingers smelly or dirty. It's extremely easy but makes total sense to me as piles are essentially blood clots that need extra help to circulate properly. Best of luck guys I feel so much relieve, even more so as the piles were accompanied by a persistent itch for the last 2+ years, and which is fading as well. Take care of yourselves and please post your own experiences and results.

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I cured hemorrhoids in 6 days
used cream emulsion gel nifedipine

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