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berniekellyJuly 14, 2007

In my last postings I spoke about going on holiday, well I booked a holiday for myself and my daughter for next week. Overall I think the break will do us good and prove that we can manage on our own although at times I am scared.

Today I fixed a kitchen door that was falling off. I was delighted to be able to fix it without having to call my brother in law.

The dreaded mother-in-law sent a card with some money for us to have a meal while away. I wish this over friendliness would stop. I have thought of sending it back to her saying thanks but no thanks. I don't want to argue with her but I just wish she would 'back off'.

Well I just wanted to share my achievements with someone.

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I was wondering how it was going for you and your girl. You should be very proud of yourself for fixing the door! Good job. Try to enjoy yourself on holiday. I do think the change in scenery will be a nice diversion.

Spend your mother-in-law's dinner money without a thought. My mother-in-law hasn't spoken to me about her daughter for over two months. I'm so angry with her right now I could just spit but for the sake of my sons, I'll try to keep my tongue in my head and not say a word about it.

I'm glad you are doing well. Keep your chin up!

Best wishes, Doc

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Wow good for you. my daughter and i were planning to go to toronto for afew days, but i keep putting it off, i keep on having excuses, i just think that i shouldn't go somewhere and have fun.
i too have become a carpenter, well actually before my Al passed away, my daughter and i (she will be 19 on monday, so another special day without Al), we put laminant floor in the living room, dining room and kitchen, we have painted the lr, dining room and kitchen as well as our bedrooms. my son (24 yr old), got me a BFI container, also known as a dipsy dumper in florida, so we can clean out memories out of the house, Al thought that you could keep nails forever, little did he know that you can't- lol

i would go out and have a grand lunch or get your daughter a little something special (maybe a locket that she can keep close to her heart, i'm kindof big on rememberance kind of things). or spend it on a b & b.

None of Al's relatives have spoken to me since Al passed, my friend Sal said to me that they are no longer your relatives only your childrens. i think for me this was good advice, these sisters are pure evil.

tell us about your trip when you get back!


ps are you a Corry Street fan, i am watch it every day!

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