New Home Theater Setup HELP!

hdmontJune 19, 2006

Just starting to finish our basement. Looking at hanging a plasma TV on the wall, would like surround sound mounted in the ceiling. I really need some help getting started. We will need to brace the wall for the TV mount, looking for suggestions where to place the DVD player, Comcast HD box, etc. while TV is mounted. Need some surround sound help too. Will be running wire in the walls. Currently looking at Samsung 42" High Definition Plasma HDTV, thoughts??? What brand audio (speakers/receiver) should I go with? How do I set the room up for best sound (speaker placement)? Any suggestions would be great, any photos of existing setups would be great too!


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hi hdmont

What size room is it? What is your budget for speakers/reciver? What do you watch/listen to mostly? Since it is a basement I presume its a fairly large room. Most ppl who buy 42" seem to upgrade to 50" fairly quickly.

Have you considered installing a projector?

If you want I can give you detailed suggestions over phone.

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The area is larger, but where we want the set up is approx 10' x 13'. No, not looking for a projector, just some good sound and a nice plasma screen.

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hdmont...answers to my other questions will be helpful for me to make suggestions. I assume your TV will be on the 10' side?

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