Blood Type Diet--has anyone tried it?

gma_jMarch 22, 2010

Has anyone tried the blood type diet where your foods are determined by your blood type? If so, did you find that you felt better while eating the foods recommended for your blood type?

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Yes, my husband and I have tried it and it works great. I have 0 pos, he has A pos, so we eat different things. We both felt wonderful and I lost 8 lbs without even trying.We were doing this by the book before Katrina hit. We have not been able to get back on it completely since. There are things that we still avoid..Like, we drink soy instead of dairy, and pineapple juice, instead of orange. Green tea, etc..We believe that anything done in moderation is best..The best thing to do is just start with the avoid items....Hope this helps!

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A lady I used to work with was on the diet and she was happy with the results.

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I am O neg and I haven't stuck to this diet all the time, but I definitely feel better when I avoid carbs, for sure. My son and I are both O types and we both feel better when we avoid carbs.
Unfortunately, I have way too many years of turning to carbs for emotional reasons, and its really hard to give them up, no matter how bad they make me feel. :(
I quit drinking milk several years ago, and found that soy upsets my stomach too. So I drink alot of almond milk.
I eat alot of nuts, meats, veggies.

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