H.o.r.r.i.b.l.e. allergies

MojaveLoveMarch 27, 2012

I just need to rant.

I always get seasonal allergies but they never get above slightly annoying.

This year has been absoultely horrible. I can't open windows, go outside or really do anything at all. Can't exercise because I can't breathe, can't let anything touch my face because it will explode in itchyness. No one gets that I can't function, and hubby is getting POed because I don't want to enjoy the nice weather.

I am taking Claritin, anti-histamine eye drops and anti-histamine nose spray. I swear it isn't doing a damn thing. I've looked into an allergist but you can't take allergy medication for a few days before the appointment and I'm too afraid to try that. Tree pollen is going to be around for another month and I seriously don't know how I am going to survive this.

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Get to see an allergist. You need stronger anti-histamine than what you can buy OTC. He/she would prescribe something to ease you until you can be tested. He really needs to see you when it is at it's worse.

Later, after the spring pollen season is over, you would get an appointment for testing. No good allergist would test you on your first visit.

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I completely sympathize. I had allergy problems for decades and I've finally controlled them with shots.

Go to the drugstore and get Zyrtec, which is stronger than Claritin. Zatador is also OTC and was a God send for my itchy puffy eyes. Zyrtec can make you sleepy, so take it at night. I think the best thing that I ever did was to get a HEPA air purfier for my bedroom.

Definitely make an appointment with an allergist but it may be a while before you can get in. The mild winter has made for one of the worst allergy seasons in recent memory. If you are really bad, he may give you Prednisone, which will stop all your symptoms in their tracks.

Good luck. I know how miserable you feel. It's "only" allergies but they sure can make you feel awful.

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Another thought.

Be sure to see an allergist than desensitizes his patients. Some seem to feel that medication is enough.

I was unlucky enough to have to change doctors. The first one I picked was stupid enough to think he could control it with pills and atomizers.

I had pills to take once a day, before bed, every four hours, every six hours, and two different atomizer. (use one and wait fine minutes and use the other. I needed a chart to keep track of them all. When he wanted to me to use THREE atomizers....I quit him and found an allergist that would take the time to figure out what allergens I needed to avoid.

It may surprise you the ones you can easily avoid. After you know, you may be able to handle the others with little or no medication.

For example...we quit going to see a brother in the spring because he lived close to a cypress swamp and cypress pollen was one springtime problem. So we saw him the rest of the year. Just not in the spring.

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Oh I do feel for you. I was in the same boat. Suffered with it for decades. I'm 51 and went to the allergist almost 3 years ago. I have sneezed as soon as I wake up in the morning for as long as I can remember. Even as a kid. The older I got the worse it got. I was EATING nasal decongestant pills, and using the OTC nasal sprays like crazy. They made my blood pressure go up.

Went to the allergist finally. Got all the tests on both arms and my shoulders, I swear it wasn't bad. I'm allergic to almost everything that grows outside, dogs, cats, dust mites, pollen, yada, yada.

I started getting allergy shots. 3 shots twice a week. I have 3 different bottles of serum they use. They started combining 2 of them so I would only get one shot in each arm at ea. appt. I'm finally down to going once a month.

I take Allegra and use Rhinocort and Azelastine nasal sprays. This combination works for me. I go MONTHS without sneezing now. It's truly amazing.

I also use a nasal salt water rinse, truly a miracle that salt water! She told me to close the windows, get rid of the carpet get rid of the dog. I did 2 out of 3, can't get rid of my old man of a dog, he's 15 1/2 now, he'll be gone soon enough.

Make sure when you use the sinus rinse you use the packets of salt for it and also use distilled water, and heat it up some, but not so much it burns. Oh, and when the sinus headaches get bad, heat up a gel mask in the microwave and put it on your forehead and just under your eyes. If you don't have a mask, get a washcloth wet then heat it in the microwave.

Good luck, hope you feel better.

Here is a link that might be useful: what I use

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I personally take Zyrtec, and had bad enough rhinitis I was prescribed Flonase. I still take the Zyrtec the moment I know I'm going to have allergies that day and I have literally no side effects from it. The Flonase is like a steroid for your nose- it works, but I don't like taking meds every day so I stopped. I agree, if you're allergic to any plants outside your house or animals living with you, get rid of them if possible; it's unfortunate, but it's a must. I would also recommend an air purifier. I got one off http://www.airpurifiersource.com/best-air-purifiers-for-allergies
Hope it all works out!

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