Wii on a 70' HD TV?

tabbaldwinJune 4, 2008

I'm clueless about video games, but we'd like to get a Wii--played at our neighbor's house and had a blast with it. My concern, from what I've been hearing, is the quality of the Wii "graphics" on an larger-screen HDTV....that the Wii doesn't have very high "resolution" (?). Is this a concern? Someone on the decorating forum said they play it on a 72" and that it's "okay" (still fun--so I guess that's all that matters, especially coming from someone who has no idea what an XBOX game or PS3 looks like).

I also read that I'd need different cables from what actually comes with a Wii. I've seen several component cables, with wide ranges in prices. Is this like the "generic" HDMI cable versus the Monster brand--mostly about the name? I don't want to spent $30 when $5 would suffice.

Thanks for your input


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Cable are such a rip... I defy anyone to show me a noticeable difference in pix quality with different cables. Myself, I have a PS3 although I don't play games on it...Use it for it's BlueRay player and it's ability to slideshow, play mp3, and websurf.

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Thanks for the reply, Gary. I've sort of been thinking about a PS3 for the BluRay also....maybe one of these days.

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Everyone buys new component cables for the wii because the ones it comes with are not suitable for the newer TV's. They are not HDMI. the graphics will be VERY poor if you do not get cables. I also believe that there is little difference in 5 dollar and 30 dollar cables. The largest difference is the brand name posted on it.

As far as your picture looking good on the TV, I am not sure. The wii isn't made to have stunning graphics it is just for fun (and it sure is fun! We have had one for 2 yrs now)

I would not let that deter you from getting one. We have a 42 inch screen and it doesn't bother me. Actually your tv would be GREAT for multi-player games where you split up the screen into 4.


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The Wii is displayed on screens well over 70" at the trade shows....

And no one complains about the resolution.

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The Wii system does output only in standard definition resolutions, so you won't get the high definition resolution of some other current game systems, but it should still display just fine. The component cable option would be worth the upgrade over the standard composite cable with an HDTV IMHO. The cable need not be expensive to provide benefit, try the one available here for $3.90


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