DVD Upconverter?

del_mar_caJune 29, 2006

Is a DVD upconverter worth it? I know that the units are cheap enough....but do the units do a decent job in upconverting DVDs on a HD unit?

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If I'm not mistaken, HD TV's upconvert so the upconvert DVD players are not worth it. I don't know for sure if that's the case for all HD sets, but I know my Sony SXRD upconverts everything.

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One benefit may be that the DVD Upconverter DVD Player has a HDMI cord.

I have to look into whether the SXRD upconverts everything. Interesting.

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No , they are not worth it ! You might get better sound from the optical audio cable hookup , but since the tv does the final conversion they are a waste of money . Better to wait until the HD players come down in price .The Circuit City website has a RCA(a rebadged Toshiba) HD player for $409 and the reviews by the people that bought it seem to be mostly favorable .Don't like it take it back to CC . I'm waiting until these things have been out awhile and the price gets even lower and first generation bugs are worked out .

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