Isn't it Weird???

lulie___wayneJuly 19, 2004

Isn't it weird that even though our lost loved ones are on our minds and hearts almost constantly, for a split second sometimes we think we have to tell them about something or call them or give them something etc.? I did that a lot with Christin and now I'm doing it a lot with Mom. I think our minds know they're gone but maybe our hearts still are in denial or just can't get used to it.

Every now and then, even after 6 years, I'll do it with Chris. Do you all do this too?


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LOL Maybe I am the only crazy weird one that does this.

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Nell Jean

For years after my mother died, I would think of something I needed to know and my first thought would be, "Oh, I can ask Mama!" Then I would remember. That finally faded. I still miss her.


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My brother was the great practical mind of the family... he always helped us with wiring, programming the vcr and all things computer. Having him gone is like... we realize how much he contributed, how he showed us his love by the generosity of giving us his skill whenever we needed him. Not long before his death I called him 10 times in one day to ask questions about some hard drives I was formatting. I can just remember his laughing voice, "No problem, cari". But now there are problems everywhere. It's a major, major ... loss, there are so many things he left behind. So many things we don't know how to do. Almost every day I think for a split second... but no, he's one. For the rest of my life, he's gone.

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I used to do that all the time. Everytime the phone rang or when someone would be coming up to the door I would think of Lindsey. 2 years ago about a week before her accident my other daughter,Rachael, was in a county homecoming pageant and was in the final runner ups. We tried to phone Lindsey because we knew she would be so excited for her sister. Rachael got second runner up that year but this year she got queen. The first thing I thought of was to call Lindsey. She would have been so proud of her little sis. I was so happy for Rachael but yet I cried for Lindsey knowing that she should have been there with us. Julie

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It seems you only realise their worth when they're gone sometimes. When my Gran passed away in 1988 I still thought for some while afterwards "I'll have to tell Gran this or that" and then remember I don't have a Gran any more.

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Wow, this just happened to me this weekend. I was talking to my cousin about another cousin and her failing marriage... she has a 2 year old and works a lot of nights/weekends - the first thing I thought of, was have Christy move in with her to help.

Christy is one of their best friends, has been since childhood, she has a 3 year old son, her husband died last July - she died in May.

I just got chills all over when my first reaction was Christy.

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