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ritaweedaMarch 31, 2014

I was raised on eating things like fried baloney sandwiches, and even now I occasionally revert to my childhood and have one. But I almost fell off the couch early this morning when it was revealed on the news that along with a revamping of the stands at Tropicana Field (Rays) a new menu is being rolled out with - yes - fried baloney sandwiches! OK, it's on some kind of elite fancy bun - but still. Since the only people who can afford to go to baseball games these days are the wealthy I shake my head and wonder - are times really this bad?? And why couldn't I have thought of a way to market it and make gillions??

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Rita...where've you been? Fried baloney sandwiches have never left the menu of some southern eateries, but have seen a real resurrection in the past several years, seen on the lunch menues of finer dining establishments. I think it's a yuppie generation thing.

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Hey Rita, are you a Rays fan? I saw the same new menu on our local news and thought that "new and cool" bologna sandwich was probably going to be pricey. How my mom would have gotten a laugh out of that since it was her go to dinner for us when things were tight.

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I had to be forced to eat baloney as a kid, and eventually just said no thank you.

Made me think of my uncle's ex-wife. She'd fry up baloney and then make GRAVYâ¦pink baloney gravyâ¦gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

There you go Rita! Come up with a gravy recipe for the ball park ;)

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When my daughter was young, she called it "circle ham". I didn't correct her and to this day she doesn't remember eating baloney.

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I think there's some new kind of rule that says it's all right to eat unhealthy things if they're retro. :)

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WOW! Now I'm wondering exactly what and where have I been for the last 61 years! No I'm not a Rays fan, I'm not a fan of any kind of sports, especially team sports, and I've lived in the South ALL my life and I have NEVER seen fried baloney on the menu ever. Is it because I live in Florida, which is really all Yankees most of the Winter at least? Maybe FL isn't really the South?? Anyways, I wonder if they cook it like I do? I put a little grease in the pan, then I slap down 3 slices of baloney, then so that I don't get that big bubble in the middle, I make a slit from one side to the middle and it makes each baloney look like Pac-Man.

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The south has more BBQ bologna than fried bologna.

I have fond recollections of eating fried bologna on white wonder bread with ketchup and butter. Fat, fat, carbs, carbs. Haven't had one in years. Now, if I were to eat one, the bologna would be well browned (almost burnt) and slit on 4 sides to prevent cupping, served on a toasted whole grain bun of some sort with some slaw and hot sauce. Yum!

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Oh my, fried bologna sandwiches are one of my favorite comfort foods, and something I've been eating since I was a wee one.

Slit mine like Ritaweeda, cook in a couple tablespoons of honey, slather ketchup on fresh (has to be fresh) white Wonder Bread. I don't make them that often anymore but my husband says that when I do my eyes roll back in my head as if I'd died and gone to Heaven. He won't touch them but the dog on the other hand, also thinks she's died and gone to Heaven because she usually gets the rest of the package.


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IMPORTANT TROPICANA FIELD UPDATE: Rays win opener against Blue Jays 9-2.

Oh, the fried bologna sliders had caramelized onions on pretzel bread.

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I've never even heard of a fried bologna sandwich. Do you fry the bologna (and why do I want to spell that baloney, despite the old Oscar Mayer commercial?) first or do you fry the entire sandwich like grilled cheese?

Hmm, we do have Pork Roll sandwiches here. Maybe it's the same thing.

Phillies fans line up to eat Crab Fries at the stadium. It's just fries with Old Bay seasoning. Ugh. I'll take a hot dog and beer any time.

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Our family fried the baloney in grease, butter, oil, whatever until slightly crispy. Then it went on a Wonder Bread sandwich (that was the only white bread there was), with Miracle Whip (we didn't eat mayo), mustard, American cheese, and sprinkled with salt. As an adult, I don't use Wonder Bread or Miracle Whip. Our daily bread is the fresh baked Italian multi-grain from Publix and Mayo has been the deal since the first month of our marriage, 44 years ago. I made DH a tuna salad sandwich with Miracle Whip (I didn't know any better) and he took one bite and asked: "what in the world did you put in here?"

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Minute Maid Park's (Houston) new offerings are featured in today's newspaper. Looks like they're trying to gourmet-up the food offered to those of us who can't afford club level.
Anything to get attendance up. Nolan Ryan's Beef company is supplying all the meat.

Some of the offerings
N.Y. Strip Steak Sandwich w/ white cheese horseradish sauce and fried onions
Brisket Sausage Sandwich
Bahn Mi Dog
Pulled Pork Tacos --yum!

Over the top Chicken Fried BLT. Breaded, deep-fried bacon is a little much.

Baloney. Bologna. I totally spelled it wrong, but I plead trying to avoid that meat product like the plagueâ¦hahaha!

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My mom used to make us fried bologna sandwiches sometimes - she would put 4 slits in the slices, and we'd have it on white bread with ketchup - it was good!

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So you all had me thinking...wondering if the ethnic version of the greasy kid's sandwich on white (we never had bologna) had also made it to the big time. Unlikely to be at the ballpark because it's a niche thing, but a Google search has proven that there are otherwise modern seeming establishments with cream cheese and jam sandwiches on the menu... :\

At Angels Stadium, you can get a broad variety of vegan food (for a stadium), however. :)

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I definitely remember fried bologna sandwiches...but then I also recall eating Spam. A lot of it, LOL. Thank goodness those days are long gone.

The big craze out here now is ramen restaurants. Being a third-gen JapAm, I'm like, "Are you kidding? Seriously, you want me to spend $12+/bowl on something I make better at home with my own homemade stock?!?"

It's a generational gap. Even my Gen X niece, who is an excellent cook, grinds her own grain for making bread, rabid kimchi maker, has never made a pot of stock in her life except when she makes gravy at Thanksgiving for her turkey.

I was almost 30 yrs old before I went to a sushi restaurant. I was busy exploring French food and had no interest in the sudden explosion of sushi as the "in thing". I still find it amusing that people pay money for something I think of as picnic food, on the same level as grilled hot dogs on Wonderbread buns.

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If it doesn't puff up and get that bowl shape then you can't fill it with melted cheese!! We had a babysitter when I was young who had this as her "specialty." We were always happy when she had to babysit over the dinner hour because then we got to eat exotic fried baloney! Baloney may make a comeback, it has some pluses . . . and this coming from a mostly vegetarian.

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LOL!!! Love it! Baloney cheese bowls. I needed that laugh real bad today, thank you so much.

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I think someone needs to market the macaroni & cheese in a fried bologna bowl ideaâ¦right NOW. My kids would go nuts for that.

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Maybe we could use the bacon bowl...

Here is a link that might be useful: Bacon Bowl

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I saw on TV a steakhouse that smoked the baloney and served it on a bun with coleslaw or cheese. It was a popular item on the menu and to me it looked yummy.

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Yeah, well when I was growing up in central Indiana back in the 50's, my parents had a lot of mouths to feed and not much money. The bologna I remember was never sliced or fried. It was a big chunk of tube steak, maybe 12". My mother would score it like a ham, stick cloves in the intersections, rub it with brown sugar, bake and make gravy with the drippings.

We're still alive to talk about it lol.

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Here is a link that might be useful: Making bologna

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