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Great forum - you really have been so kind in sharing information -

I have read through some threads - great stuff!

Ok - We are winding down on an entire home remodel - we had flood in our house Oct 05

I am tired of renovations/decisions/GC'ng but want to make sure my "tiredness" does not cause future regrets "wish I had"

we are refinishing part of the basement 15'x18' and have some typical basement limitations - low ceiling - I am putting in a grid type system that hangs from joists above but you only lose 1" - slide in 2x2 tiles - walls will be 5/8" sheetrock - Steam pipes will actually have to hang down below the ceiling!!! I'm not going to box in - maybe paint white - they are low now around 6' +/- so that would really limit headroom

My question is -

We may use this room as mini theatre/home entertainment - so would like to at least consider it for wiring and acoustics - to do so

I would imagine we would get a 42" LCD - and would like speakers that could suit a nice place to watch movies

If you could walk me through "path of least resistance" no high end - SIMPLE plan - I know there are all sorts of quality, pricing, etc....

At this point it all sounds a bit "greek" to me - tired of decisions/renovations -

Hubby has an in w/Sony - so can likely get SOny products at Sony Employee discounts - if that makes a difference or helps in you offering an opinion

He has LOTS of AWAI ?sp speakers - but from what I gather we should make sure we are compatible or we will not yield quality results

This is a relatively small area & a basement at that - The carpenters and electrician have limited time on this job as well - so will definately look at me cross eyed if I start adding complexity - They are on board for a simple basement finish - so if I could just add a little they may smile :)

HEre's a pic of the side of basement that will be finished

Sorry to ramble here - really looking for help - tired momma who has had enough on the remodel!

If you have suggestions for 2x2 ceiling tile and some simple lighting (I was going to use flourescent T8's) can't use cans not enough room btwn ceiling & joists

ANy advice is appreciated - you are the expert!


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Hi, sorry for the late response, haven't been on-forum for a while.

Here's some info, point by point:

MISC: I'm a little concerned about those two red pipes in what appears to be the middle of room ... uh, that could really take away from the "theatrical" experience ;) Have you an overhead (plan) view of the room, along with were you intend to place the display, speakers, and main seating area(s)?

DISPLAY: if you have access to Sony discount pricing and are looking at an approx 40" screen, consider their Bravia line; we don't carry Sony nor have I ever really compared their displays against others, but they have a relatively good reputation with LCDs, especially the Bravia. I would *not* recommend a Sony plasma, however - not unless the discount is quite steep (not that they're bad, just that you can get more for your money with a Pioneer or NEC).

How far from your display are you going to be seated? If it's > 8' (which seems likely, from the dimensions you gave me), you may find a 40" LCD panel to be somewhat small, particularly if you intend to use this as a media room; in this case, you might consider a 50" plasma (the NEC 50XR5a is a great and relatively inexpensive panel); naturally, plasma has its own pros/cons, which we can get into later.

SPEAKERS: if you can accomodate it, I'd suggest standalone (tower or bookshelf) speakers; if not, then on-wall speakers are the next best option (suggestions include: Triad, RBH, PSB, Mirage, Kef). Were you looking for a full 5.1 system, or just a simple front-only setup? In the latter case, consider three speakers (L/C/R); in the former, have you considered how to run the speaker wiring for the surrounds? It sounds like you'll have a drop ceiling, in which case the tiles should be removable for running cabling later, is that right? If not, definitely run the cable now (14/2 at least, 12/2 is preferred).

Also, remember to account for running cabling in & up the wall for the TV (and speakers, if on-wall), as well as the fact that you'll need a power outlet behind the wall-mounted TV (decide upon your wall-mount first, then figure out where the power outlet can fit).

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SO GLad I kept checking
YoU came through what a guy

I'll print this, research oh, and post some more pics
2 red pipes are lally colums - no choice on moving

not great pics but...

this is the wall TV will be on -

Near tv wall looking to other side

Ceiling hgt is only 7' before finish - black steam pipes hanging down will stay in same location so, will be below ceiling.
Ceiling is a grid system direct mount to joists -pvc channel system T's & L's 2x2 tiles slide in only lose 1" from joists - Not the greatest but beats losing 4-6" hgt

The carpenters have finished most framing I'll take more shots & post early next week.

Thanks a lot for posting - I've been watching

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