excema condition

markvandoren23March 31, 2009

I have an excema skin condition on my fingers that causes cracking and bleeding daily. I noticed that certain foods helped reduce the scaling and cracking bleeding on my fingers. I noticed that my problem lessened after eating foods like strawberies, grapes, and especially garlic in recipes. So I started eating raw garlic and it helped. ThenI found garlic juice in the health food store which was easier to take. I also noticed that excessive doses of fish oil (15-20 fish il capsules) helped almost

eradicate the problem down to one finger. Originally the excema was on six or more fingers on both hands. But the one finger still bothered me and still bled occasionally, though it was much better.

I saw the 60 minutes TV show about Resveratrol and bought a supplemant with 3 types of Resveratrol : Grape Seed extract, Grape Skin extract, and Pine Bark extract. It is made by Country Life. Within 3 days the excema was gone. It has been 2 weeks now and still my skin is clear. I have had this problem for 7 years. I have cut back on the Garlic and Fish Oil doses and my fingers

are still clear of the excema. I am 53 years old.

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My husband has that on just a couple fingers. I'll tell him about that. Glad it worked for you. That itching can drive you nuts.

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I didn't see the 60 minutes show on Resveratrol. Did they say anything about joint pain? According to another web forum I frequent on this subject, numerous people are getting joint pain after starting a regimen of resveratrol.

I have been taking resveratrol for over a year and my joint pain recently has gotten very bad. I have therefore significantly reduced my dosage of resveratrol but hate to eliminate it all together. It has helped my skin, just not enough. I have had eczema on and off for a couple of years. The resveratrol didn't make it go away totally but may have helped.

One note about eczema treatment. I have tried many many creams. But I got discouraged about the eczema lingering on the back of my right hand for way too long and decided to start over.

I remembered reading a long time ago about going to bed with a glove on your hand after lathering it generously with a heavy cream. I've read about petroleum jelly being recommended but I had some Bag Balm which is very greasy so I've been using that.
Slowly over several weeks, my eczema has gotten consistently and dramatically better ever since. I bought a box of 200 gloves (or so, can't remember how many) from drugstore.com (I think) or maybe Amazon.

The last thing I do before tucking in at night is reach for the bag balm, apply heavily on my hand and put a glove on. These white cotton gloves are kind of skimpy since they are cheap but still can be washed as well so don't have to dispose of them.

Thanks for posting about resveratrol but also wanted to remind people about a possible simpler and cheaper solution if they haven't tried it yet.

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