Can you split the audio off a digi-cable box?

tabbaldwinJune 10, 2007

We just added our cable's digital package to our menu after getting our new home theater up and running. I picked up an extra digital box for an upstairs TV so we can get the extra channels there too. Anyway, we've discovered we really like the digital music channels, and I was wondering if I can split the audio from the cable box and have sound running to my stereo system too (in addition to the TV)? If so, what cables, etc., will I need.



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Just use the analog output (red/white) for the stereo feed, and the digital output for the Home Theater feed.

You'll want to go to the set up menu, set the output to variable, and then ramp the cable box volume all the way up.

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Hmmmm.....the digital cable box they gave me for our old analog TV doesn't have digital output, only one set of RCA-type (red/white). Can this be split to 2 sources? If so, what type of splitter? I can't seem to find one (maybe I'm not sure at what I'm searching for) that would enable this.

Thank you.

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I think I just figured it out???.....I'll need 2 "Y" splitters, one for the red line and one for the yellow line from which I'll run one from each to the components (TV and stereo). Am I on the right track?


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Yes, Tracy, you have indeed figured it out! I use splitter cables all over the place (limited to one split per signal line), for splitting the audio to/from my computer, TV, etc., and most all of those devices put out a standard "line level" signal that suffers minimally from being distributed somewhat.
(Don't try using those splitters to combine signals, however, as results may be unpredictable...)

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